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  1. Ok so i tried it again and just signed a random UFA early in the season for 4.712m. With him I am at $66m after sending him down I am 61.7m. The cap chart shows him at something like 3.79m or so which would be correct (deducting the 950k) but the overall cap calculation is apparently wrong as my cap hit goes down by like 4.3m instead of 950k just by sending him down.
  2. Dont think so. In the example I mentioned I was way above by several millions and it wouldnt let me sim the first game without making a roster move.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I will have to check that again. Played with the latest TBL rosters and didnt check the finance chart but noticed that my cap hit was reduced by the exact 5m (or whatever it was) when I sent the player to the farm before my season opener.
  4. What version and rosters are you playing? I am not seeing this in my game. Normally players will sign 3-4 year extensions but I agree that even that is a bit outdated nowadays now and probably a leftover from the previous version as you rarely have any contract running any longer than 4 years. I have even seen my players rejecting insanly contracts just because it was long term - at least i think that was the reason. Why else would they reject an 8y deal for like 9m a season.
  5. It seems whenever I want to hire new staff (doesnt matter if scout, coach, assistant...) I only can negotiate salary and signing bonus but I cant change the length of the deal. Anyone else having the same problem?
  6. I am actually thinking the new players develop not good enough, at least the new created ones that are not yet in when you start the game. I posted it in a different topic but after like 15-17 year I had like only 5 players drafted past 2019 who reached a reputation of suberb or above. Keeping that in mind I can see why old players keep on scoring well into their mid-late 30s.
  7. It maybe more league related, at least here in Germany its common too. Heck, Uwe Krupp sometimes pulls the goalie when 3 goals down and 5 minutes left to play.
  8. Thats actually a common practice to pull the goalie even with 2 goals behind unless there are only seconds left to play.
  9. That is not correct Furthermore a player signing a $10m/y contract probably wont accept a two-way offer.
  10. Just to add to this: all salaries in the AHL above 900k should count against the cap. This was introduced with the last CBA. So even if those 10m guys were on the AHL they would have a 9m cap hit even without being on the team.
  11. Well, I think we can agree that the interaction with the board is up for improvement to say at least. Eventhough you are the employee of the board, at least your input should be considered. As a GM you are the vocal point of the organization and therefor should be allowed to make the major transations unless they go out of line or if you are on a short leash anyways. Once the board tellls you that you need to improve, I have no issues if they are watching my stuff closely but when i have won like 4 cups in 6 years I should get some freedom of choice, dont you think so?
  12. Dont know Ivan. I am just in year 2031 and had Larkin for a long time. He kept on asking for 10+m on a 5year deal, I just didnt care about it till the off-season and then he signs a 1y 5m deal while actually asking for 3.5m/y over 4y. To me that doesnt make any sense in relation where his market value is. I can understand that he would be asking for more before he is getting to UFAcy, but this difference is just nonsense. With the reputation he was having I knew he would be around the 4-5m range so there is no use in making an offer at all if you know you can get him for half the price if you wait for July 1st. I also noticed its quite easy for your pending your RFAs if you just try to make them a qualifying offer which wont be accepted (NTCs or 8y deals help which makes no sense to). Before they ask for $1m or more but once they hit FAcy they will sign for the minimum with a 2way contract. I understand its difficult to implement but with the current system is way too easy to cheat it if you want to.
  13. I am not sure if thats really the case. Had a similar thing when the board allowed me a max of 14.2m/y for a "regular" player and it wasnt like I had forgotten to change his status, he was just barely a 3rd liner. For my star UFA (Stamkos) they "only" allowed my like 10m, although that was enough to make him sign a new deal. Oh and while being on this topic, anyone noticed that older star players keep asking for the moon ($8+m) while still under contract when their reputation dropped to "very good" and then lower it to like 4m as soon as they hit UFA?
  14. I just checked the CBA and "Regular Waivers" start from 12 days before the beginning of the NHL regular season to the day of the last game of said team. During that there is a waiver period of 24 hours. "Unconditional waivers" - which are used if the team intends to buy out the player - run through the year and also have a 24 hour window unless I am reading it wrong.
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