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  1. I dont want any new leagues adding by SI there is to much development work required in other areas. BUT 3 things I would like to see are: 1. Add new country/league option to game, thus any body can create new leagues. 2. An area on the web site where people can upload new leagues/countries/players that they have created. 3. For these uploaded games to be able to be downloaded, with the option of the league/ country being able to charge a fee to cover there hard work and dedication. Plus ofcourse the option for people to review and recommend these leagues. If this was to be done then who ever wished to see every league in every country avialble would no doubt see it become a reality. The only proviso I would make to SI is that in future versions of the game the same code.
  2. 3 things I would like to see: 1-managers able to take training sessions, espically important for smaller clubs where you quite often only have an Assist M and 1 coach. 2-Manager stats either random gen or allow so many points for distribution by gamer 3-Allow gamer to be player/manager again stats as above, ob. would have no control of proformance on pitch but would be fun having to drop yourself when you play rubbish
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