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  1. I'd love for a way to scout Free Agents in the Scouts screen. EX: I send Scout X to Russia and while he scouts players in the KHL, he also looks at free agents who can potentially make an impact. Maybe a yearly list of impending free agents and the Head Scout's recommendation on them?
  2. Assistant GM should give you recommendations on which players you should pursue or call up. Team report should tell you where the team is struggling, whether they're struggling offensively or defensively. If the PK is doing badly or the PP is doing badly. I like the Press Conferences from FM15, so maybe there should be a variant of it for after the draft or signing of a player to a major deal. Ex: GM you drafted XYZ in the first while most projected him to be a second rounder, whats your reasoning behind that move? A player's potential should have a 1-10 ranking. The positional rankings are good but it'd help when making decisions. There should be a very slight chance of an average-above average player showing up at your open training camp. Not like there's always a good player showing up yearly, but like an Undrafted College player shows up.
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