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  1. Just wanted to pop in here and say THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating such a great skin - this is the first new FM I've bought since FM16 and I was looking to play with a higher challenge and this delivers exactly what I was looking for
  2. Anyone else find it amusing they launched the summer sale discount on the exact day that THQ released their competitive entry We Are Football? And before anyone says it, I realize they have different audience targets (WAF going after more accessibility, etc.), but still love 'coincidences' :)
  3. Kid looks like he could get a beast, especially with that stamina I think that he should be able to get his NF to 10 by his prime and then be no worry at all.
  4. This is the way I read someone else doing it - you delegate all manager/coach responsibilities to your staff and then on match day holiday for 1 day, while making sure to have the "use current tactics" and "use current squad" boxes unchecked. Your "Assistant Manager" will be functionally acting like the Manager and will even get all the media praise and stats associated with running the team on match day!
  5. Wait can someone else confirm that this is true, I'd your HOYD doesn't have strong knowledge of domestic country then your youth intake suffers?
  6. Thanks for the insight! I too would love to see a guide to this, fingers crossed that someone more knowledgeable than I feels inspired to craft one
  7. Genuinely curious here, what do you watch and keep an eye on to spot "signs of complacency" during any stretch? Is there a stat or report somewhere providing this information for you or do you just glean it from whatever the general squad body language is after each match? I'm still on FM16 and thinking of finally getting a new version with FM21, but the degrees to which morale seems to be a driving factor of results more and more with each version has me concerned as I never found the game provides enough information with which to make motivational decisions on. I'm curious if this has
  8. I also enjoy playing in Ekstraklasa, their limits on non-EU players and generally constrained finances also make it a great spot to do youth academy focused saves which I always prefer. Lech Poznan is my most recent dynasty, go Kolejorz!
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