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  1. I currently have a board that is simultaneously happy at the clearly visible entertaining football, and unhappy at the lack of entertaining football being played. I'm also expected to play attacking football, defensive football, possession football, entertaining football, and focus on set pieces ... I'm at the point of just ignoring the style parts of the club vision because this is ridiculous.
  2. Thanks for the thoughts. I'm happy with the consistently good results that my tactic is getting so I think I'll just leave it alone and deal with the inconsistent nature of this part of the club vision. I'm getting enough results so it shouldn't cause a problem, it's just perplexing.
  3. Okay, so it actually does make no sense. I'm playing short pass possession football and getting 20 shots a game and sometimes it is entertaining and other times it isn't. I've even gotten "Pleased with the attacking football on display" and "Concerned about the lack of entertaining football being played" on the same game.
  4. I genuinely have no idea what this part of the club vision expects me to actually do, and then I get match feedback where they are either happy or concerned about the entertainment value of the football even though my approach is consistent.
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