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  1. So i guess this won't be fixed since it's still an issue on 19.2. Completely unacceptable. What kind of refund do we get?
  2. It has been investigated quite some time, can we expect it to be solved at all? It's kind of a gamebreaker.
  3. This happens in my online game as well. We're only 2 players, i'm hosting and the problem occurs only when i'm attending the other player's games. Has happened in 5/5 of his games and only in the second half.
  4. Sorry, maybe i was being unclear. What i mean is that i dont want any attributes highlighted by default when i visit a players attribute page. I managed to remove the autohighlight on the profile page, but not on the attribute page.
  5. How do I remove the default selection of highlighted attributes? I managed to set it to "show no highlights" as default in the profile screen, but i have the attributes page as opening tab. Those highlighted attributes are really annoying.
  6. This. And to have long throws, corners and free kicks separated from passes. Would also be nice to be able to see attempted/completed long balls, although still of course included in passes.
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