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  1. Thomas Kaminski in Blackburn has nationality: polish and second nationality belgian. Should probably be declared for Belgium since he has been called up to their squad during this national break.
  2. Like almost everyone else I'd like to see more options when it comes to widgets on match day screen, but other than that, fantastic game. ME is great and the match day team sheet is 10/10
  3. I'm starting to like it more the more i play. Would like to see some kind of info/explanation what the different states means though, i had a player with fatigue: fresh and everything else green, yet his overall fitness was considered only "good", while another player with the same stats except for high injury susceptibility apparently had better overall fitness level.
  4. How do these new condition/fitness colors work? I have a player with match/training load: light, fatigue: fresh and injury susceptibility: very low, yet he has an increased overall risk of injury and his overall condition is only considered "Good". Then I have another player with match/training load: light, fatigue: fresh but with injury susceptibility: high and he has low overall risk of being injured with the overall condition "Peak". Bug? They both have "maintaining sharpness" on match fitness.
  5. First Serie A-round with the new ME. Lazio-Cagliari 4-2 (shots 38-14), Brescia-Fiorentina 0-1 (shots 1-39). Curtain down.
  6. Continuing on this, playing as Parma at Olimpico against a Lazio side with Inzaghi as the manager, first season. For starters they are playing 4-3-3 with three central strikers, which no team does ever. Particularly not Lazio under Inzaghi. Didn't Miles say something like "we're simulating the real world" on Twitter? 20 minutes in they have had 16 shots of which 10 are on target. Would like to see stats from a Serie A game where one of the teams have had 10 shots on target 20 minutes in. Absolutely ridicilous shots tallies/chances created this year.
  7. I haven't read through the entire thread but surely there are way, way, WAY too many scoring chances/shots? I'm 7 games into Serie A and a selection of results i have seen is: Milan-Verona 4-0 (shots 33-0) Roma-Sampdoria 1-0 (shots 40-6 (!!!!!)) Inter-Brescia 6-1 (shots 37-2) Lecce-Milan 0-7 (shots 5-37) Inter-Verona 6-0 (shots 39-2) Atalanta-Lecce 2-0 (shots 33-2) Lecce-Napoli 0-2 (shots 2-34) Aside from the fact that the bottom teams are getting absolutely demolished by virtually everyone, those shots stats are way off. Around half of those 30-40 shots
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