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  1. Any news on this? Was working for me the other day but today the in game editor has disappeared. Also getting the steam overlay-message when clicking downloads, but in Steam i can see it and it's activated so i would appreciate something other than "ask Sega" or "It's Steam".
  2. First Serie A-round with the new ME. Lazio-Cagliari 4-2 (shots 38-14), Brescia-Fiorentina 0-1 (shots 1-39). Curtain down.
  3. Continuing on this, playing as Parma at Olimpico against a Lazio side with Inzaghi as the manager, first season. For starters they are playing 4-3-3 with three central strikers, which no team does ever. Particularly not Lazio under Inzaghi. Didn't Miles say something like "we're simulating the real world" on Twitter? 20 minutes in they have had 16 shots of which 10 are on target. Would like to see stats from a Serie A game where one of the teams have had 10 shots on target 20 minutes in. Absolutely ridicilous shots tallies/chances created this year.
  4. I haven't read through the entire thread but surely there are way, way, WAY too many scoring chances/shots? I'm 7 games into Serie A and a selection of results i have seen is: Milan-Verona 4-0 (shots 33-0) Roma-Sampdoria 1-0 (shots 40-6 (!!!!!)) Inter-Brescia 6-1 (shots 37-2) Lecce-Milan 0-7 (shots 5-37) Inter-Verona 6-0 (shots 39-2) Atalanta-Lecce 2-0 (shots 33-2) Lecce-Napoli 0-2 (shots 2-34) Aside from the fact that the bottom teams are getting absolutely demolished by virtually everyone, those shots stats are way off. Around half of those 30-40 shots are on target. As a comparison from a IRL match between top vs bottom Inter beat Brescia 2-1 a week ago, with a total of 8 shots on target between them. Also noticed the top teams, Inter in particular where i would expect Conte to rather play a striker as a central defender than change formation, are abandoning their "main formation" in most home games right from the start, playing some kind of ultra attacking 4-3-3 with three central strikers.
  5. Sorry, maybe i was being unclear. What i mean is that i dont want any attributes highlighted by default when i visit a players attribute page. I managed to remove the autohighlight on the profile page, but not on the attribute page.
  6. How do I remove the default selection of highlighted attributes? I managed to set it to "show no highlights" as default in the profile screen, but i have the attributes page as opening tab. Those highlighted attributes are really annoying.
  7. This. And to have long throws, corners and free kicks separated from passes. Would also be nice to be able to see attempted/completed long balls, although still of course included in passes.
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