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  1. Anyone else notice that player development seems nerfed when simming? I have Mike Babcock, Patrick Roy, Marc Crawford, and Paul Maurice on my coaching staff but my young players don't seem to get much better without me setting the coaching settings myself. That use to be one of the worst parts of the old game - I thought the entire point of hiring a coaching staff was to develop the players while I manage the team.
  2. I noticed when I go on Vacation (for example when I go from Draft Day to July 1st) my team resigns UFAs that I was letting walk. My Vacation settings are: Set how to renew contracts - None Set how to handle status of players - Allow Changes Set how to react to receiving an offer for players - Reject All Set who to make offers for - None Apply for manager position at higher reputation teams - No is it the status part that is re-signing players? I thought 'none' for renew contracts was suppose to stop this?
  3. This use to be an issue in the 2007 version and I'm noticing it's a bit amplified in the EA. The CHL Drafts. As a junior hockey fan, it's irritating when you're drafting kids out of Jr. A, Jr. B, Major Midget, and for some reason a lot of NAHL. For the QMJHL it should be a lot of QMAAA, QMEAA, NSMMHL, NBPEIMMHL, NLMMHL, and a few token kids at prep schools. Technically these are Major Midget leagues but definitely not an entire first round of 1st round 15 year olds from Jr. A with 10 point seasons. For the OHL Draft it should be a lot of GTHL, OEMHL, ETAMHL, AHMHL, SCTA, etc. I'd be lying if I knew all the bantam leagues for the WHL draft. I noticed a lot of real players were being picked in the first couple years out of realistic leagues but after they're gone it reverts to creating Jr. A, B, and Major Midget players. Any chance this is going to be fixed? As someone who loves to do OHL/QMJHL sims, it would be a huge turn off if the drafts were this bugged.
  4. Should also make the Great Britain Senior/U20 teams playable
  5. I was simming through, I just wanted to get a feel for what the game looked 2-3 seasons in, and I've crashed 6 times during the draft. This is my last save point: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z5cu7uml2nvx51m/New%20Game_3.sav?dl=0 Only thing I do is sign Duclair & then go to the draft. It crashes around the 23-25 pick every time.
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