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  1. @Timo61 The Peru file doesn't appear to be working. Only level 1 is showing.
  2. Hi Timo, Still just wondering if you can change the cup stages so that they show in English, please? Not a deal breaker for me because your work is awesome though if you can't.
  3. Hey, noticed a small thing. All of the stages of the competitions are in French. Any way to change them to English?
  4. The thing I would really like to suggest is football leagues from every country but since I know SI won't do that I suggest the following: When I play Football Manager, I like to play with lots of leagues loaded. It makes it more immersive for me because it means more players, more chance of random promotions happening, more chance of some wonderkid appearing in some obscure region of the world. Usually this means having to wait for Claasen to create his new leagues and they are fantastic. I love having all these countries but I also like in depth leagues so I usually like to expand leagues from existing nations. This is where the problem lies. Because of all the different editor files usually somewhere will be some kind of conflict or there will be a patch that comes out that undoes all of my hard work to get it just right. This is incredibly frustrating because I like to play long immersive games, not just a season before my hard work is undone. So, if you're not going to make every country exist in game I propose that you make editing more streamlined, make it easier to identify and correct conflicts between files (It can take hours just to find one conflict as it stands) and make it so that editor data is not affected by patches.
  5. when I go to select the leagues in the dropdown box they aren't there. There's just a blank box.
  6. None of the Portuguese leagues show up in game if I try to use this one.
  7. Any chance of translating this to english? Just that words like meia instead of semi are bugging me a little bit.
  8. It isn't the league names at fault. It is the Portuguese full league database changes the semi final as an example to Meia final because the editor data is in portuguese and this changes to the english. I'm attempting to overwrite this by creating a database in the editor with all the english names saved where they should be.
  9. I downloaded a Portuguese database from a Portuguese website and now some of the words i.e Meia final. Is as you can guess, Portuguese. How can I fix that?
  10. @claassen and I'm guessing there is another league that does the same. Can you please, please fix this so I can play with Croatia's lower league added? Or at least tell me what league/leagues I need to change.
  11. @claassen Ok, also found another league which messes with Croatian lower leagues, that is the US Virgin islands database. It causes the lower leagues to become The Saint Thomas league in that file. Any chance of fixing that?
  12. Just a quick heads up to Claassen if he is reading this. Your Suriname file conflicts with Croatia lower league databases in the editor. I *think* this is because you have the Croatia league 3 set to become the Suriname league inferior in your Suriname file. I've deleted that line in your file and barring any mishaps that I am about to discover, that may just have solved that issue. Fingers are crossed.
  13. Any more help on these? Tried saving them but it had no effect.
  14. Thanks for the advice. I updated as suggested but they still aren't working and I can't revert to the originals as I downloaded Claassen's leagues for the latest patch. If anyone can fix them and reupload I'd be grateful. Or failing that tell me step by step how to do it because I literally have no clue. It all looks like gobbledegook to me in the editor.
  15. I downloaded these from the workshop on Steam but since patch 17.3 none of them work. I'm a man who loves obscure leagues and so I had a big save going pre-patch that contained 429 leagues from pretty much the entire world. It was going beautifully, now the patch has messed with that, I want to start again with the same set up. Can someone help me fix them as I have zero clue how to even begin to fix them? I have tried getting in contact with the author of the majority of them, but he doesn't seem interested in updating them. Slovakia - II Liga_58941D91-EFC2-4222-89FD-577E5037B7C8.fmf Singapore - Division 2_E60EFFB4-3C95-4918-8C0D-D6BCBBF64213.fmf Mexico Five Levels_D5CC2897-1527-4D77-8BAF-AD90E289131A.fmf Slovenia - 3.SNL_B80F8516-4CE2-4206-9019-D68ED25786A0.fmf Slovakia - II Liga_58941D91-EFC2-4222-89FD-577E5037B7C8.fmf Romania - Liga III_0F18528C-C23E-4EBC-B219-4F83AB4C55B8.fmf India - I League 2_4CAC7C89-AB7B-45F7-AF6B-12D1A4106ED6.fmf Belarus - Druhaja Liga_875019D0-37E6-41B0-A787-03F0282C4123.fmf Argentina 0.72_71701A87-FAB9-4DA8-B670-EC45E4277DC8.fmf
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