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  1. I am 3 seasons in my Lyon save and my full-backs are statistically some of my best offensive players. They have around 5-8 goals and assists a season, much more then my midfielders and offensive midfielders. When I watch my games the full-backs gets in shooting positions all the time. If I had Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold on the full-backs that would be realistic but not when I have mediocre full-backs. I have sold 3 mediocre full-backs for around 100 million pounds together just because they have such good offensive statistic. I fell like this is because of the unrealistic match engine.
  2. This is not a big problem but some times the teams have the same kit color.
  3. Hello. This drives me crazy. I wanna control "outgoing development loans for young players" because i want the players to be on loan in clubs where they are playing every game. But every time I take control over it the next day the "loan manager" is back in control. is it impossible to control this???
  4. From the forum: "To upload files to us, please use the SI Cloud Service. You can drag files directly into it, or can 'Click to Select Files' to open up Windows Explorer and find the file on your system. Please remember to mention the file name of the uploaded file in either your forum post or when in contact with a support agent."
  5. There´s a guide on how to upload a save file. Search for it. You don´t upload it when replying on a topic.
  6. Hello there. I noticed my central midfielders scores a lot of long shoots. That wouldn't be so crazy if they had 15-17 in long shoots. But when they have 8 and 10 like two of my central midfielders have and still scores a lot of long shoots I found it strange. Here´s my last game. In the minute 45+2 Maxine Caqueret scores a super goal. He only have 10 in long shoots. If this happened 1 or 2 times a season it wouldn´t be so strange. But this happenes almost every game, central midfielders with 10 or lower in long shoots scoring long shots. Another problem I have with the game is that defenders scores too many goals. Like in this game for example. 4 goals from defenders. In my first 15 games I have 15 goals from defenders. Three of my defenders have more goals than my main man up front E Cavani. Troyes AC mot Lyon.pkm
  7. This is a big problem for me too. Most of the Top strikers in the world only gets around 15 goals per season.
  8. Half of the Norweigian players in the game don’t speak english at all.
  9. Helle there. I've noticed that a lot of newgens have a bit weird natural positions. Look at this fine newgen for example. He can play left midfielder and right attacking midfielder. Not left attacking midfielder or right midfielder. Is´t that kind of weird? I real life wingers of course have a favorite side. But they are always at least okay on both sides. With wingers like this you always need to have 2 of them on the bench.
  10. In my FM20 save there is 1400 swedish players. 206 of the players don´t even have "basic knowledge" in english. I´m from Sweden and in Sweden 99 % of the people under 40 have atleast basic knowledge in english and most of us even good. In the forum I have read that this problem applies to all Scandinavian countries.
  11. Very true!! Every Scandinavian person is at least "good" at english.
  12. Cj Ramson here you have the game with most amount of shoots. Lyon mot Amiens SC.pkm
  13. Lyon! pontaruff.fm is the name of the save-file. Did I do it right?
  14. How do i attach a save-file? I can only attach a file with the size 9.77 mb, the save-file is 178 mb. Edit: I found out how. Save-file incoming.
  15. I feel that making it harder to create chances and the players better at scoring would make the game much more. Right now they shoot very much and very bad, just look at my pictures. Take the Amiens game for ecsample 48 shoots taken and of those 48 only 19 hitting the target.
  16. Hello. I finished in third place the first season with Lyon and that should have gave me a place in the Champions League Qualification round but instead i went straight to the group stage? Known bug?
  17. Hello guys. Thanks for the improvements in the new patch. I feel like the amount of shoots taken is ridiculous in FM20. Take a look at my last 3 games. 48 shots taken against Amiens how is that even possible, thats more than 1 shoot every 2 minutes. 31 shoots against Juventus is also very unrealistic for any team in the world to get. With this many shoots taken I understand why the 1 on 1 have to be so weak. Sorry if I sound whiny but I just feel like this makes the game very unrealistic comparing to the real world of football.
  18. I just signed the wonderkid Marco Kana from Anderlecht and noticed he was white in the match engine. He was born in DR Congo and and is black and not white as he is in the match engine.
  19. My feeling is that i’ts so many bugs in this game they don’t know where to start. I guess they fokus on the bugs that most people tell about. I don’t know happened with this beutiful game. I guess we have to live with all these bugs specially these bugs that not all players notice.
  20. I just signed the wonderkid Marco Kana from Anderlecht and noticed he was white in the match engine. He was born in DR Congo and and is black and not white as he is in the match engine.
  21. Same problem last year. I trained players for 2 to 3 years and nothing really happened.
  22. I play 4-1-2-1-2 diamond right now because the wingers play without a brain. But I trust in FM to fix this soon.
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