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  1. I play in the La liga and it's been given 18 penalties in 7 game weeks. That sounds about right in todays game. In the Swedish league Allsvenskan its only been given 13 penalties in 27 game weeks, 8 teams have 0 penalties given in 27 games. I also took a look at Serie A and they had only 5 penalties given in 5 game weeks and Bundesliga only 4 penalties given in 6 game weeks. In the Champions League it's only been 5 penalties given after qualifying rounds and 2 group stage game week. And then of course 0 penalties in 7 game weeks in the Premier League. Something is very strange h
  2. I don't know have often teams scores from corner kicks in real life.. but my feeling is that they score more than this. Maybe i'm wrong.
  3. I play with Real Sociedad and have only scored 1 corner goal in 7 games. In La liga only 1 team have scored more then 1 goal. After 7 game weeks only 11 goals have been made from ha corner kick. I also took a look at the Premier league. In PL only 9 goals have been made from corner kicks in 7 game weeks. Is this a known issue?
  4. Hello! I noticed that it have been zero penalties given in 7 game weeks in the Premier league. I Play in the La liga so maybe that's why. But either way it's very strange.
  5. Hello. Just like the last FM the newgen wingers can only play on one of the wings.. that’s very unrealistic. Look at the picture for one example. Another issue is that the newgen winger is almost never inverted. Theirs almost never a left footed right inverted winger for example. Why is it like this year after year?
  6. Yes the back up file works and I have autosaves on. But this issue happens 3/5 times I’m loading a save. Every time I miss a week in the game. It’s very anoing. What can I do to fix this. I’m not the only one with this problem.
  7. I´m giving up now... this keeps happening. I followed your tips, but it keeps happening. Last night I played the game.. signed some players and staff members. It's all gone now. This is a big problem and I can't play the game anymore. Like I said before I think this problem started around the same time as the 'game quit unexpectedly' message for mac users. Please solve this problem.
  8. Do you guys think this have something to do with the "closing the game wrong message bug" for MAC-users. I believe this loading save problem came around the same time as the "closing the game wrong message bug"
  9. This happens to me a lot too. Was going to play some FM this morning but I got the same message "the save could't load".. This have happened 4-5 times the last couple of weeks. I know there is a back up file I can use.. but every time this happens i lose 4-5 days in the game and that is very frustrating. What can I do so this problems stop happening to me??
  10. This have happened to me 3 or 4 times now. Not funny att all playing a game not knowing if gonna be able to load it the next day. Is this a known issue SI???
  11. I have hade the same problem the last couple of days... but the buck up file worked. Wy is this keep happening??
  12. Thank you! For me FM has been a big part of my life since early 2000.. This years game is by far the worst, I play it but i don´t enjoy it that much. I really hope they get it sorted out.
  13. SI is this a reported bug? There is no goals being scored from headers by the strikers.
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