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  1. I take this back. I just noticed that I got a the money when a looked in my finances. But i never got any massages about it.
  2. I qualified for the Champions cup group stage for the first time with my Norwegian team and was looking forward for the very welcomed new money. But I have't received any money. Not under the qualification rounds or now when I'm in the Group stage. The rules say nothing about prize money until the round of 16?? When I was in the Europa Conference league last season I received the money straight away throw qualification rounds and forward.
  3. ??? I also notised that teams record have disappeared.
  4. I have a back up file without the history missing.. it´s over half a year in game before a noticed the problem. I noticed the problem late december 2022 in game. The file´s name is "last save overwrite backup (v02)", i play with Crewe.
  5. The teams league history have disappeared. Is this a known issue?
  6. Yes the back up file works and I have autosaves on. But this issue happens 3/5 times I’m loading a save. Every time I miss a week in the game. It’s very anoing. What can I do to fix this. I’m not the only one with this problem.
  7. I´m giving up now... this keeps happening. I followed your tips, but it keeps happening. Last night I played the game.. signed some players and staff members. It's all gone now. This is a big problem and I can't play the game anymore. Like I said before I think this problem started around the same time as the 'game quit unexpectedly' message for mac users. Please solve this problem.
  8. Do you guys think this have something to do with the "closing the game wrong message bug" for MAC-users. I believe this loading save problem came around the same time as the "closing the game wrong message bug"
  9. This happens to me a lot too. Was going to play some FM this morning but I got the same message "the save could't load".. This have happened 4-5 times the last couple of weeks. I know there is a back up file I can use.. but every time this happens i lose 4-5 days in the game and that is very frustrating. What can I do so this problems stop happening to me??
  10. This have happened to me 3 or 4 times now. Not funny att all playing a game not knowing if gonna be able to load it the next day. Is this a known issue SI???
  11. I have hade the same problem the last couple of days... but the buck up file worked. Wy is this keep happening??
  12. I play with Arsenal on the latest update. Jadon Sancho was the player with the best training rating 3 of the last 4 weeks. In the end of a week you get the option to praise the player with the best training rating. I praised him for it every time he had the best rating and after this last time he did´t like it. This have happened on all my saves. Players getting unhappy if you praise them to much for the training. The same thing happens if you praise a player 3-4 games in a row after being man of the match. I don´t know if this is a bug but I feel it´s kinda strange.
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