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  1. Every corner where an attacking player gets a head on it near the 6 yard box is counting as a clear cut chance. Its massively skewing stats.
  2. Finished my season with Albion un Uruguayan 2nd tier. When the end of season wrap up happened, it showed a tactic that we hadnt played once (not sure if it just forces the best performers in a system or not) but the big issue was that the board rating there was an 'E', even though before the wrap up and after, i had a C+ rating and met all expectations. I was immediately taken into a board meeting to discuss my job, this just all seems a bit bugged. I unfortunately don't have a save file for exactly when it happened.
  3. In my save, Racing Club (Argentina) are not appointing anyone after sacking their manager. Numerous people in my chat have said the same thing is happening on their game. I tried adding a manager and retiring to try and break the soft lock, but that hasn't worked (so far)
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