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  1. Hi Andrew, I think its good that there are some good Technical Directors in the game from the start, but these guys have some of the best overall backroom attributes I have ever seen. On a par with Pep etc. Probably a bit too much!
  2. Closest I have is 9th Oct, just before the interaction happens, but also before he is sold.
  3. Player agrees to transfer to another club after complaining he isnt getting much gametime, complains that i move him to the u23's after he agrees to move, and says that he has plenty to offer in the future, regardless of his impending move.
  4. My first beta save is being live streamed, and edited for youtube. Here's the first/intro episode! Defense needs some serious investment, overstocked on #10 roles... what can go wrong?
  5. Thanks John! The story continues in the Netherlands now!
  6. Club 3 Season 2 - Sligo Sovers - Ireland
  7. Club 3 Season 1 - Sligo Sovers - Ireland
  8. Club 2 - Operario Dos Acores - Portugal
  9. So, a couple of months ago i started a journeyman save, that has been both broadcast on twitch, then edited to be uploaded to YouTube. We started unemployed, and started out at Ange IF in the Swedish 3rd tier. I wanted to get the save pretty in depth before I posted anything here, as I wasn't sure whether or not the save would be streamable due to the size of the database. If you enjoy, please do consider subscribing on YouTube or dropping a follow on twitch, i'm loving broadcasting this save. Also, this has been my first real series on YouTube, so progression from the 1st in
  10. Episode #3 is out, we take on Rangers, in the Old Firm derby, and see out the challenge against Motherwell.
  11. Episode #3 is out, we take on Falkirk in the Cup Quarters, and Hearts in the league! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_nrYOqE6S0&t
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