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  1. would be nice to have a button that would automatically apply the ass. mgr's feedback/recommendations for tactics or opposition instructions. I like that they now give you an opinion, but its a hassle to go back and forth between screens to check what was said and what is selected.
  2. Custom built set piece plays. Be able to position your players around the penalty area how you want them to act and tell the kicker where to aim. could work for defense on set pieces also but perhaps not necessary.
  3. The ability to scout your affiliates would be on my wishlist. especially if I have first option on players.
  4. I would love to be able to send my scouts to scout my affiliates players. Especially if I get first dibs on their youngsters. You used to be able to scout a single club. but it seems to be missing in FM07. I never used it in earlier games, but now with the affiliates I really need it, everytime I get an offer to match bid, I have no idea if I should or not, because by the time I get a scout report its too late!
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