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  1. Steam

    I'm one of the "love the fact that it's on steam, and can be patched quickly from there, and all the no-cd stuff that makes steam games good" But that price is £10 more than I can get a boxed copy for (at shopto) - a 40% increase in price. That is, quite frankly, insane! It looks like I'll be getting the boxed copy then enabling it onto steam that way.
  2. FM09 - Will it be worth it

    Considering there is always a demo before each release, you're pretty stupid to say "thats it I'm not buying your games anymore since I didn't like the last one". Try the demo, if you like it, buy it, if you don't, don't. But you can't say that you won't like the next one without playing it... especially since it's the FM game with the most testing ever of the match engine via FML garnering loads of feedback
  3. Full set-piece designer

    Ultimate Soccer Manager was a great game I even enjoyed it more than CM2 back then (tho CM2 was strangely more addictive), but yeah it died after USM98, and then CM3 came out, end of competition
  4. Great way of doing the videos Question about the 2d/3d option; do they both play the same? As in, does the 3d engine play the same game of football as the 2d engine with the same player decisions and results; or are they 2 separate entities?