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  1. I've noticed this year that managers don't automatically move to fill up vacancies at as many clubs outside of the ones selected in the database compared to last year. Clubs with worldwide reputation always get filled up. It really removes the immersion when the likes of Villarreal or Roma have no manager after the first season and remain that way indefinitely. Is this something that will be patched?
  2. If its just 2019 ill get over it, I'll let Spain keep their Asian cup I'm using a genuine copy alright, but I've a few editor files just to patch up the competition names and that sort of stuff.
  3. Is it for every Asian Cup or just the 2019 one do you know?
  4. I'm in February 2019, and for some reason Spain are preparing to face off against Iran in the AFC Asian Cup final. At first I thought it might just be the competition trying to expand a bit, as with the Copa America allowing more and more north American teams into it, but I cant find anything online that supports this. SO basically, whats going on?
  5. Just another observation I've made playing...processing on days where there's no matches on is almost instant, however when there's any form of matches on, it crawls, even matches that I don't have on full detail. I only have the championship on full detail as I'm managing Newcastle, but when there's something such as Champions League or U21 qualifiers on, it processes as slowly as if there was a full round of Championship fixtures on in which I wasn't playing.
  6. No bother, on another note, how many leagues would you recommend I load with my rig? I currently go with England from League 1, top leagues from spain and germany, then I have scotland, italy, portugal, holland, france on view-only. Is that too much for a real long term save?
  7. It processes at the same speed roughly, no noticeable change, though that just makes the half star thing even weirder
  8. On FM16, my computer performance fluctuated between 3 and 4 stars, and I had an estimated game speed of 3.5 stars with the database and leagues i usually loaded. However, on the Beta, my game speed fluctuates wildly. Most of the time it's half a star with the same setup i got 3.5 with on last year's version. But at other times it goes up to 3 or 4.
  9. Hi all, I'm long at getting a new laptop for uni, and of course, FM17. My budget is about £600...I'm going off the basis that any i7 processor and 8gb of ram will let me play the game at a very fast pace, would that be correct? And for the 3d match engine, will Intel integrated HD graphics suffice? Cheers
  10. Hello all, I've spent more time than I care to admit over the decade playing every incarnation of Football Manager since 2007. In that time I've sacrificed good grades, money and a proper social life in order to pursue virtual glory. Don't get me wrong, I don't regret a single moment of it, I still dream at night about my Cystal Palace team of '09, 3-time Champions League winners. It's quite simply the best sports simulation series out there. However this year is by far the most frustrating experience I've had with the game, 99% of it is great still, but I can't get over the lack of realism in tactics and player ratings this year. All it takes to dominate is a decent right back, that's literally it, there's only so much I can take of Hector Bellerin winning 20 man of the match awards a season. I've simulated 20 Premier League seasons in full detail just to make sure I wasn't going mad(der) and that this was actually a big problem. In EVERY single season, at least 2 of the 3 players with the highest ratings were right-backs. For a game where so much of the enjoyment derived from it, at least for me, comes from the sheer realism, this is enough of a detachment from reality to prevent me from fully immersing myself into a save this year, try as I might. With every update, I prayed that it would be fixed, and that I could finally get into it, but alas, Bellerin and Zabaleta are still the love children of Maradona and Pele respectively and the majority of goals are still scored from crosses originating on the right wing. I really wish it didn't ruin the whole experience for me as much as it did, because the rest of the game is still so good and so realistic. The transfer system, the improvements to staff movements throughout the game, it's all flawless, and I'm probably being pedantic as hell nit-picking over this minute detail, but please SI, I beg of you, fix this for next year. Deliver Football Manager 2016 with realistic ratings and goal types in November and I will be a happy man.
  11. Hi, I'm looking to start a long-term Newcastle United save. I want to go fairly far into it, a few decades perhaps. I was just wondering what database/league settings you guys would recommend. There's no point me having a load of leagues running, but I still want there to be an element of change and competition around Europe. I ran a few tests and it seems not loading up a league results in the same 2 or 3 teams winning that league year after year, it seems based on an undynamic reputation system. I've had Dinamo Zagreb winning the Croatian league every year for about 4 decades. I was thinking I could use the in game editor to tweak reputations randomly every few years, but I don't know if that would produce any glitches or not. I'm also keen to maintain a varied database, I don't want the world's best players to keep coming from the top nations, I want a few Yaya Toure's and Luis Suarez's. It seems to be the case that new staff only come from the loaded countries also. Loading only England results in virtually every team having fully English coaches and scouts, as well as owners, which seems unrealistic. I know it's a lot of information, but I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I'd greatly appreciate any input from someone with a bit more knowledge than myself My computer's specs are: Processor: AMD FX - 4350 Processor 4.20 GHz RAM: 8gb System Type: 64-bit Operating System
  12. Just wondering if anyone has any update on when the 16.3 patch is scheduled for release? Going on past releases, it seems as if it should be out before the week is out, but I'm an impatient man, hence this thread.
  13. I realise it's natural for the game processing speed to slow as the years go by in-game...however it seems more pronounced this year...simulating a month in 2015 takes 1 minute 15 seconds for me, same as in FM15...simulating a month in 2025 though takes over 3 minutes, as opposed to just under 2 last year...any reason for this/ways to amend it?
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