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  1. I found a couple more. "Calender" in Dutch is "Kalender" "De wonderkind" should be "Het wonderkind". In both examples the word "een" is repeated. So instead of "een een" it should be "een". In these two examples the name of the player is missing in the sentence I marked. In the next sentence however the name does appear. The first (yellow) "het" should be "hebt". The second (red) "het" should be "hem". When selecting a player via the dropdown menu in the tactics screen the word "Verbeg" should be "Verberg". In a message to confirm a rental agreement the sentence "(Player) huurovereenkomst kan worden afgerond" could be replaced by a sentence that fits Dutch grammar. I'd suggest "De huurovereenkomst van (Player) kan worden afgerond". In the Development - Attribute changes of a player this sentence has a couple of words that are capitalized and one word that's spelled wrong. Instead of "Vergelijk Eigenschappen die Veranderd zijn Sins" it should be "Vergelijk eigenschappen die veranderd zijn sinds". The news-item after a press conference gives a translation that doesn't quite fit. I attached the Dutch and original English text. I'm not sure what would be better so I was hoping for some input. My suggestion would be "Hoe denk je dat het team zal reageren na dit resultaat?".
  2. It happened when I changed from Dutch to English. I loaded my save again and it was gone. So you're right.
  3. Translation error in the dynamics update. "Marokkaan" should be "Moroccan". The same is found in Social Groups under the Dynamics tab.
  4. Translation error in training advice in inbox. Translation (NL) Instead of "Weer meer training tactiek tijdens balbezit" it should be "Wil meer training tactiek tijdens balbezit". Extremely Short Passing instruction was not translated. I'd suggest "zeer korte passing" or "extreem korte passing". A translation error. They're found in both the dynamic update in the inbox and the same error is found in the social groups under the tab of Dynamics. "Marokkaan" should be "Marokkaanse". "heb heb " should be "heb".
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