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  1. They are all regular league games and not on the same day as my main team plays. They are clearly eligable to play as I've done it when picking the team myself. The fact that none of them even make the subs bench when my assistant picks the U21 team suggests something strange is happening here.
  2. Some are in my matchday squad as subs, but I do manually make them available if needed along with players outside my matchday squad. They appear in my U21 squad if I click on it, yet my assistant manager won't play them or even put them on the bench. When I took control for one game I was able to play them, up to the usual max of 3 outfield players and one keeper. Why won't my assistant in charge of my U21's pick them? I sacked my last U21 manager as that was his only job and he didn't play them, now I assigned my assistant manager to take charge of them but he doesn't play them either.
  3. I've just taken control of my U21 reserve side and was able to pick my backup keeper and 3 older outfield players. Why is my assistant manager not picking them when I leave him in charge? They are miles better than my other youth players in my U21s, if I make them available they should be playing.
  4. Since I got promoted to the Premier league I seem unable to keep squad players match sharp, as my assistant manager refuses to any of my over 21 players in the U21 reserve team. In the Championship, you could pick as many 21+ players as you want for the reserves, in the premiership I think it says there is a maximum of 3 which is fine but I seem unable to play any of them. Why am I unable to play any of them to keep them match fit?
  5. I've got promoted to the Premier league but not quite understanding the registration rules. I've already had to register my squad before the first game of the season. However I've now just signed a player on loan from MU, but he's unregistered, is there no way I can register him now until January? It's only the 13th August in game, I thought registration was after the transfer window closes at end of August?
  6. OK thanks. Sure I will have new targets now of course, but should board confidence reset back to 50%? It doesn't reset in between seasons anymore so seems suprising that it would reset after promotions. Surely they should be more lenient with your performance not less (I promoted from Championship to Premiership). Now I know I'm going to struggle, so it seems the board will start getting unhappy with me, despite the fact I was the one that promoted them.
  7. I know how to view my board confidence, I am asking why would it suddenly drop from 75% to 50%? I'm pretty sure it's not due to promotion, and it seemed to be almost instantly after my new contract was accepted (infuriatingly I'd just saved so I can't now go back to see). It's really frustrating, must be a bug associated with new contracts surely? I asked for a new contract for MORE job security, not less.
  8. Finally the game allows board confidence to remain from one season to another, so if you have a good season with promotion they still remember that the following year. But all of a sudden my job security has gone back to what it starts at (50%), all because I negotiated a contract? I simply decided to ask for a new contract and then negotiated to see if I could request something as part of the contract (training improvements etc). In the end I didn't need to anyway as I was happy with the improvements already ongoing, so I just decided to keep things as they were and accepted the new deal. But now my board confidence is all of a sudden refreshed back to 50% from around 75% which it was before. Is this a bug, because I negotiated a deal or because I've just got promoted into a new league? I got offered a contract extension before and it never affected my board confidence so it can't be that....really frustrating to find this happen as it was a pain on old FM games, when a bad run can see you gone despite the work you did in seasons past.
  9. It appears that I'am set in control of transfers including 'Finds a new club you've listed for transfer/loan' so I don't know why my assistant manager is taking control of this transfer. I think what may have happened is I might have changed the assistant manager instructions for a player on his profile-transfer status page. However I changed it back long before all this happening to 'do nothing' so may it be a bug that the game is still thinking im asking the assistant manager for full value ('sell for value') on the transfer? Now it appears I am getting a lot of offers just less than value value for the player and it's getting rejected out of my hand which is infurating.
  10. I don't remember having asked my assistant manager to reject any offer that wasn't quite up to the required asking price. I'd at least like to be able to negotiate it, yet all offers for a player are being rejected immediately by him....driving me mad. How do I disable this from happening?
  11. This is just to have the players show up in a standard transfer search? Not talking about detailed reports on the players. If that's the case then presumably have to send the scouts with knowledge of that country to scout it. Didn't remember this being the case before.
  12. Hi I am struggling to understand why players from foreign nations aren't all showing up in my transfer player searches, despite me having high levels of scouting knowledge for that area (max) and having that country full loaded on the game. I'm managing an English team and my player searches always come up with all English players and ones from the top foreign clubs, but none from the smaller clubs from other nations that are loaded on the game. I thought this was because I was low on scouting knowledge of those nations but I hired staff with max knowledge of those areas and it still made no difference to my search results (despite me now having max knowledge). I can find these players that are loan listed/transfer listed abroad by searching through those overseas teams manually but this takes much longer and surely shouldn't have to be done this way, which is the whole point of scouting knowledge. But why am I finding scouting knowledge seems to make no difference to my search results?
  13. Ahh brilliant, this is exactly what a want. You're a star. Why did they make it so difficult to find!!
  14. Wouldn't that just make the game continue after a certiain amount of time? I thought there might be a way to make LESS stops, not more frequent ones. You click continue and it advances you only a few hours, it used to always advance a day which is far better outside transfer windows. The stops are just far too frequent in the more recent games, largely due to the huge amount of news you get. I wonder does the game stop after every bit of news in your inbox?
  15. Hi, this is infuriating me. I've never known if there is a way and it just seems to be getting worse. Im trying to speed the game through international breaks when I have no matches as quickly as possible. So I dont look at news for now and just keep clicking 'continue'. However it's only speeding the game on 1hr 30mins at times! I don't need to speed it on a week or anything, but at least a day at at time would be useful. Not like im in a transfer window or anything. I've searched around and tried things on preferences but I can't see anyway to set fewer game stops. Only thing I can see is something relevant for online play. Is there a way to improve this? Im playing on FM 2013 btw.
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