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  1. If you really want it (keep in mind it is for FM12), then go to the unbelievable jeff homepage: http://www.unbelievable-jeff.com and search for "Download Decades" and find the thread with the same title as this one. The working links will be in there. I assume that because this is for FM12, that the thread has been archived into a different section of the forums, therefore the original link is no longer valid.
  2. You know you can always negotiate down the offered monthly contribution, to something more in line with what you think they can afford.
  3. Frustratingly, I accidentally overwrote my save game with a different career I'm running (because, I'm an idiot), so I'll be starting up a new Villa game again, tonight. ARGH!
  4. Right, just got to the end of August... got £43m for Bent, N'Zogbia, Warnock, Hutton, Dunne, Ireland & Stevens. Siegrist, Burke, Bowery & Westwood farmed out on loan for regular first team football. Still lumbered with Delph, though. Brought in Neil Taylor, Mateo Musacchio & Thomas Ince for £18.75m and got Albelda on loan to add some experience to the squad. No right winger signed, so I'll give Holman, Agbonlahor and Albrighton a chance to make a claim for the spot, otherwise I'll try and find someone in January. Jonas Svensson also signed as one for the future. Wage bill down to under £500k. Pre-season went well, finishing with a 3-1 win over Barcelona, and as a result of his good performance, Baker was given the starting birth alongside Vlaar for our opening game, away to Norwich. Baker rose highest at a free-kick to head in for a 1-0 victory. We followed that up with a 1-0 win against Reading, 2-0 against Sheff Wed in the cup and a 1-1 draw away to Southampton. A very easy run of games to start the season, and I'm happy with the results considering the players are new, young and getting used to a new system. We're now into the first international break, and I'll give you all an update once we've played a few more games.
  5. Right, after tinkering on the demo, I've brought the full game and am ready to embark on my Villa "career". Like Spike above me, I'm looking to try and reduce the wage bill, and eventually bring through a culture of nurturing talent. On to the transfer list: Alan Hutton Richard Dunne Stephen Warnock Fabian Delph Charles N'Zogbia Stephen Ireland Darren Bent I've set up a 4-2-3-1 and a 4-1-2-2-1 formation, and also got rid of Karsa, Marshall, Petty and Lamb from the coaching set up. Approaches made for Pendrey, Metgod, Downes, Vales & Tillson to improve our training options. Machin & O'Hare are also gone, with Vetere, Geddis & Farrell coming in. Once I free up some wages, I'll also make approaches for Soren Lerby and Cesare Maldini. I've also offered Aad de Mos the Director of Football role, and I will let him negotiate transfer fees, contracts and player sales. Currently scouting: DC: Ashley Williams, Mauricio Victorino & Mateo Musacchio DL: Neil Taylor & Aaron Cresswell AML: Wellington Nem, Marko Devic & Adam Lallana AMR: Ilsinho, Nathan Redmond & Elliot Bennett This should leave me with a squad of: GK: Guzan, Given, Siegrist DR: Lowton, Lichaj DL: (New Player), Bennett, Stevens DC: (New Player), Vlaar, Baker DM: Clark, Herd, El Ahmadi, Westwood AMR: (New Player), Holman AMC: Bannan, Gardner AML: (New Player), Agbonlahor ST: Benteke, Weimann Hopefully, I'll also be able to utilise some of the other youngsters, such as Burke, Graham, Webb, Williams, Grealish & Bowery. UTV
  6. But when you start you are showing as having made a £74m profit from the season so far. Therefore you have actually eaten away at your profit margin to the tune of nearly £30m by 5 May 2013. This is how you've ended up with a final balance of -17m
  7. Pretty much everyone of Aston Villa's signings. I'm not saying this because I am a fan, but because they won't be anywhere near the quality to be picked by the AI.
  8. I think it would have to be optional (when you set up the game a tick box along the lines of "Director of Football enabled"). It would suck away the enjoyment for a lot of players who want to play as a specific team that already has a DoF in place.
  9. So you have a vast bank balance but don't have enough cash? As someone has stated before, your stadium might be at an appropriate size for the level of your support. Despite your success, you're not going to suddenly get an influx of Colwyn Bay converts. It will take years for those changes to become apparent. Furthermore, is it not more rewarding to develop and cultivate the young talent to become great players? It's not entirely unrealistic for a club to wish to continue following that business mould if it's bringing them success.
  10. Usually I've shipped out Bent at the earliest opportunity. Not because he isn't a good player, but because his wages are high and you can get players that can perform to a similar level for cheaper.
  11. That's not logical at all. The "asking price" is the amount the club have made publically known that they will sell the player for...therefore in this example the price tag they metaphorically hang round his neck would read £30m. This is simply a programming error whereby a player transfer listed by request is automatically listed at double his value, regardless of what the club's actual "asking price" is.
  12. What do you set your reputation as? If you set your nationality only as American, the game will assume (and fairly so) that you are based in America. If you have a low reputation, it is highly unlikely that any English clubs even at Blue Square North/South level will know anything about you, or take your applications seriously.
  13. I assume it is because the money coming in has already been accounted for (as the board knew the money was coming in at the start of the game) and therefore doesn't affect the allocation of transfer funds. Incidentally, I've started a game on similar lines. I've set Cuellar, Guzan and Heskey to "leaving at end of contract" on the editor, and started the game from January (using Swedish league on start up) with no first window transfer funds, and holidayed until season end. I've had to do it a few times, so that I end up with a situation with Villa finishing in a poor position, like IRL.
  14. But his rating will be a reflection of his distribution, successful catches:catch attempts, any mistakes, the ease of the saves he's had to make, etc....
  15. The usefulness of each statistic in this sense really depends on the opposition. If you're the dominant side, and playing against a deep, compact defence, then low creativity and high decisions is unlikely to be very useful. The player will chose the best option he can see, but is unlikely to see the narrow gaps that the team needs to exploit. In more open games, there is likely to be more space, and therefore more gaps. Low creativity and high decisions in this situation, will still see the player chose the best from a limited set of choices that he can see, but with lots of options available, he will definitely chose a useful option. Of course, the ideal is to have a balance of the two.
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