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  1. If you really want it (keep in mind it is for FM12), then go to the unbelievable jeff homepage: http://www.unbelievable-jeff.com and search for "Download Decades" and find the thread with the same title as this one. The working links will be in there. I assume that because this is for FM12, that the thread has been archived into a different section of the forums, therefore the original link is no longer valid.
  2. You know you can always negotiate down the offered monthly contribution, to something more in line with what you think they can afford.
  3. Frustratingly, I accidentally overwrote my save game with a different career I'm running (because, I'm an idiot), so I'll be starting up a new Villa game again, tonight. ARGH!
  4. Right, just got to the end of August... got £43m for Bent, N'Zogbia, Warnock, Hutton, Dunne, Ireland & Stevens. Siegrist, Burke, Bowery & Westwood farmed out on loan for regular first team football. Still lumbered with Delph, though. Brought in Neil Taylor, Mateo Musacchio & Thomas Ince for £18.75m and got Albelda on loan to add some experience to the squad. No right winger signed, so I'll give Holman, Agbonlahor and Albrighton a chance to make a claim for the spot, otherwise I'll try and find someone in January. Jonas Svensson also signed as one for the future. Wage bill down to under £500k. Pre-season went well, finishing with a 3-1 win over Barcelona, and as a result of his good performance, Baker was given the starting birth alongside Vlaar for our opening game, away to Norwich. Baker rose highest at a free-kick to head in for a 1-0 victory. We followed that up with a 1-0 win against Reading, 2-0 against Sheff Wed in the cup and a 1-1 draw away to Southampton. A very easy run of games to start the season, and I'm happy with the results considering the players are new, young and getting used to a new system. We're now into the first international break, and I'll give you all an update once we've played a few more games.
  5. Right, after tinkering on the demo, I've brought the full game and am ready to embark on my Villa "career". Like Spike above me, I'm looking to try and reduce the wage bill, and eventually bring through a culture of nurturing talent. On to the transfer list: Alan Hutton Richard Dunne Stephen Warnock Fabian Delph Charles N'Zogbia Stephen Ireland Darren Bent I've set up a 4-2-3-1 and a 4-1-2-2-1 formation, and also got rid of Karsa, Marshall, Petty and Lamb from the coaching set up. Approaches made for Pendrey, Metgod, Downes, Vales & Tillson to improve our training options. Machin & O'Hare are also gone, with Vetere, Geddis & Farrell coming in. Once I free up some wages, I'll also make approaches for Soren Lerby and Cesare Maldini. I've also offered Aad de Mos the Director of Football role, and I will let him negotiate transfer fees, contracts and player sales. Currently scouting: DC: Ashley Williams, Mauricio Victorino & Mateo Musacchio DL: Neil Taylor & Aaron Cresswell AML: Wellington Nem, Marko Devic & Adam Lallana AMR: Ilsinho, Nathan Redmond & Elliot Bennett This should leave me with a squad of: GK: Guzan, Given, Siegrist DR: Lowton, Lichaj DL: (New Player), Bennett, Stevens DC: (New Player), Vlaar, Baker DM: Clark, Herd, El Ahmadi, Westwood AMR: (New Player), Holman AMC: Bannan, Gardner AML: (New Player), Agbonlahor ST: Benteke, Weimann Hopefully, I'll also be able to utilise some of the other youngsters, such as Burke, Graham, Webb, Williams, Grealish & Bowery. UTV
  6. But when you start you are showing as having made a £74m profit from the season so far. Therefore you have actually eaten away at your profit margin to the tune of nearly £30m by 5 May 2013. This is how you've ended up with a final balance of -17m
  7. Purely cosmetic, but a dugout view for the 3d match engine would be nice. One that replicates the manager's "real" view. Secondly, for the game to recognise more controversial incidents; goals being (not) given for goal line debates; players fouls being missed by the referees that could have led to a second yellow card, or off the ball incidents that are out of sight of the officials. I would also like to see the sanctions for negative comments about officials reduced. In the Premiership, at least, there are only really any repurcussions when manager's go over the top in their criticism (suggest the referee was biased, or unable to do his job). You shouldn't receive a warning for just claiming that you feel the referee made a mistake.
  8. 2010/2011 - Aston Villa Just finished 2nd season, and won the league after finishing 2nd in the 1st season (I'll put in the player who has played the most games in that position over the season, and then list all the subs who have rotated regularly): GK: Friedel RB: Luke Young LB: Warnock CB: Cuellar CB: Davies RM: Milner LM: Ashley Young CM: Reo-Coker CM: Rodriguez ST: Agbonlahor ST: Carew Subs: Ospina Hodson Bouma Dunne Delph Cattermole Petrov Bannan Delfouneso Arnautovic Di Santo
  9. I'd like to see a couple of additions to the stats page during the match. Currently there is a "runs" stat to indicate completed dribbles, but I'd also like to see an attempted dribbles stat, too. It's all good and well knowing that my winger beat his man on 4 occassions, but it needs context. He is playing well if he beat his man 4 times out of 4, but if he only beat him 4 times from 20 attempts then this is a concern. Further to this I'd like to see a stat to indicate how many times the player lost possession (e.g overran the ball into touch, mis-controlled a pass, got tackled). It's all good and well if I have a player whose passing is up around 90% but if he tends to stay on the ball too long and gets tackled more often than he gets a chance to pass, then it would be useful to know. It could indicate a weakness in my tactic, which I can then look into further.
  10. I'd really like to see improvements on both confidence and media. I think that there should be a lot more media interaction (even though it would be annoying). Teams are oblidged to give post-match interviews, and it would be nice to get asked questions about the results (a chance to praise the opposition's performance, blame the ref for continually blowing up on minor challenges, accuse the opposition of playing "too physical", or praise the work-rate of your own team". It would also be nice to see what your own players responded in their interviews (perhaps seeing that my centre-back described his debut as "not good enough for a pub team" would perhaps influence how I react (perhaps I'll hold back on that fine, or demote him to the reserves to get him all fired up to make ammends next time). I would also like to see a lot more interaction after I've signed a new player, or sold a player. Perhaps I could explain that I had to sell the player as he wanted first team football and it just wasn't going to happen in the current environment, or that the exceptional form of the other players had limited his chances and you didn't wish to stand in the way of the player's career. Similarly you could explain that the £3m pounds you spent on that youngster is a long-term investment, and whilst he may feature here and there in the short-term he shouldn't be judged on until he's had a chance to settle in at the club (this will link into confidence which I will mention later). I'd also like to see interaction with regards to international call-ups for club managers. By this, I'd like to be able to comment on rumours that "player x" is on the verge of winning his first cap, and that I should be able to commend him on his performances to say he deserves the opportunity, or perhaps suggest to not get carried away with his hype and continue his good performances to ensure he makes the squad, etc... With regards to the board confidence, and I'm sure this has been mentioned numerous times, I'd like to see an option to lessen the expectations on new signings who are young and only "investments" at the time of purchase. I try to play my youngsters in the Carling Cup and I don't think it is realistic that the fans would automatically jump on the back of a player who is 18, signed for 300k and has put in 4 average performances in cup competitions and is otherwise not associated with the senior squad. Finally, and I'm sure you're relieved this is ending, I'd like to be able to have the board to react to cup draws so that their expectations aren't unrealistic. For example, if I was Everton and I got knocked out of the League Cup in the 4th round away to Chelsea, yet I finished 3rd in the League, reached the semi's of the FA cup and won the EUFA cup, I doubt the board would really have cause to complain about my poor showing in the League Cup as the results elsewhere will have bolstered the club in terms of finances and reputation considerably beyond the season's expectations.
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