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  1. Some of these were declaring an interest, but the Arsenal and Man Utd applications came after Wenger left and Fergie had retired.
  2. I've had a mixed experience with FM13 in general, but one area that has particularly annoyed me is manager reputation. Picture the scenario. Up and coming manager takes the Celtic job, wins the CL twice in a row in his first two seasons and adds another 12 trophies to the cabinet on top of that in 3 full seasons. Feeling I've achieved all I can with the club I decide to part ways with the club and look for a role at a bigger club. This is where the problems occur. Man Utd don't want me, Arsenal don't want me, Liverpool, Marseille and even Nottingham Forest in the championship laugh off my interest. Now, in previous versions, I understand that it was all too easy to win a couple of trophies and then pitch up at Barcelona but I won the CL (twice!) with a club that had absolutely no right to win it. I won the World Club Cup (twice), European Super Cup (twice), why can't I get a job at one of the top clubs? So, is this intentional because it seems a little (very) unrealistic that nobody would want a manager that's achieved what I had :-/
  3. Zero point for nil-nil?

    I do agree with this, but in current footballing terms what is the difference between Australia losing 4-0 to Germany and NK losing 2-1 to Brazil? Neither got any points and both will probably be going home at the end of the group stage. FIFA need to think of a way to incentivise victory. Perhaps offer 4 points for a win? Bonus points for goals scored? I'm not a fan for punishing teams that fail to score though, for the reason that two teams can attack for 90 minutes and fail to score.
  4. You suck Good game though, really impressed with Chile. Hopefully the rest of the world takes note on how to play out an entertaining game of football.
  5. Why not just disregard the goals against part of goal difference? Then a 4-3 win is +4 for the GD and a cagey 1-0 is only +1.
  6. The first set of games are never this crap! I blame the bastard that thought a 5 man midfield was a good idea tbh
  7. And while you lot rue Maicon's effort to make this entertaining, North Korea try and find a way to slot a 12th defender into their setup. Boring c**ts that they are.
  8. Tbh, I'm ****ing praying that Italy's mad supporters buy 10,000+ vuvuzela's tonight and lob them onto the pitch in unison. That'd bring an end to it!
  9. WC so far good or bad experience?

    Pretty boring!? It made my eyes bleed! Too many teams are playing cautious, negative football. Thankfully, Germany shown a bit of class and hopefully Holland continue that today. On the current evidence though, it's not been the best start to a WC.
  10. Have you tried unticking it and taking 10 minutes to start a game and see the effect? I'd imagine you'll be awarded a transfer budget of £0 for your first season with a proper budget being awarded in every subsequent season.
  11. Rio Ferdinand out of World Cup

    England have dodged a bullet tbh, he wasn't in the greatest of form and had a pretty poor season by his standards.
  12. Jim Bristow/Serpico has died

    Spent a large chunk of the day reading this thread, simply cannot believe it RIP Serps.
  13. I'm still waiting for my free copy as an apology for FM09
  14. The new layout is fantastic. Much easier to navigate
  15. That's like losing a tenner and finding a fiver tbh