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  1. hey TFF , could you please add to the op who will you take of when you got a player sent of. thanks mate
  2. hey TFF. are the individual training for the Phoenix tactic are the same as punnisher? thanks mate
  3. Hey TFF . i am playing man city who will you use as your DM de bruyne or gundogan? thanks mate, and thanks alot for tactics
  4. Hey TFF, kevin de bruyne have bad ppm for the MCL position would you still use him as MCL ?thanks mate
  5. Hey TFF , what are the most important positions in raptor tactic ? thanks mate
  6. Hey TFF, how would you line up man city? thanks mate
  7. hey tff, where would you play joao felix in which role? thanks mate
  8. Hey TFF , mate how do you use your young players? would you loan them out? or maybe you move them to your senior squad? thanks mate
  9. Hey tff mate, does the foot of the strikers matters ?
  10. hey tff, mate should we use ML as right foot and MR as left foot in reptor tactic? thanks alot
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