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  1. @Totalfootballfan hey mate, who do you take of in case of a red card? thank mate
  2. hey mate very nice results , could you please post your first 11?
  3. Hey tff , would jadon sancho be better as MR or AMCR ,AMCL? thanks mate
  4. Hey tff, where will you play nicolas pepe from arsenal? thanks mate
  5. hey tff, will the training will be the same as cerber tactic? thanks mate
  6. hey TFF where do i unlearn him ? cant find it in the game
  7. Hey TFF, could you please post your best 11 for CERBER tactic. thanks mate for all your works
  8. hey TFF , could you please add to the op who will you take of when you got a player sent of. thanks mate
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