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  1. We've paid for a finished product. It should never be the responsibility of the consumer to test something so the manufacturer knows what's wrong it. Games companies need to stop hiding behind patching and do their jobs properly to begin with.
  2. I would agree that player conversations aren't working as intended. I've just had Arjen Robben ask to leave Bayern. I initially tried to persuade him to stay but he still wanted to go, so I agreed to sell him. The next mail I got was bid from Chelsea, which I negotiated and then accepted. It gets to deadline day and Robben decides he's not joining Chelsea due to Wage, signing on fee and appearance bonus. I then get mass hysteria from my whole squad blaming me for not selling Robben to Chelsea, when it's Robben himself who has stopped the transfer. I hold a team meeting to discuss the issue, w
  3. In my 5 matches since the full game went live I've scored 6 from crosses and conceded 1, whilst have only scored 1 from passing. Whereas over the entire season so far I've scored 32 from passes and 20 from crosses. This new ME suits my formation so can't complain too much! Defending from set pieces seems to be quite dodgy now. I've both scored and conceded more in my last 5 matches matches, than over the rest of the season.
  4. What is interesting is that I have the maximum number of staff at Manchester United (13) yet have heavy workloads in all of the general areas of coaching (tactics, ball control, defending... etc) whilst I now have fitness coaches down to an average workload along with goalkeeping. I've only just signed the additional fitness coaches so am yet to see what affect that as. I think the problem that Manchester United have is that they only have 2 coaches for the first team, Giggs as the assistant and the manager to do all of the general coaching. However, if you need to sign extra fitness coaches
  5. I've got the same issue. The advice that was giving from a member of staff on the game was to sign another fitness coach, so I went and hired another 2. However, I've not continued far enough in game yet to see whether this has fixed the problem or not.
  6. On the tactics page before a match how do you name your substitutes? I've got the first 11 selected but can't for the life of me figure out how to pick my substitutes on this page.
  7. I suspect that nobody will have the answer to this question yet but have United been given that 60m transfer budget to ensure that they buy Falcao? If I spend that 60m on other players will I have enough budget at the start of season 2 to sign Falcao outright for the 46.5m release clause in his loan deal? I guess only time will tell.
  8. Just went to make Falcao a permanent signing at United to be greeted with: "my client isn't that interested in joining your club..." and "my client feels playing continental football at a high level is important, and has no interest in joining a club not involved in such". I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have bothered signing on loan at United if he wasn't particularly interested, especially when he could have played in the Champions League at some of the other teams who were interested in him. I'm not sure from the first few weeks that Manchester United's reputation has been suitably replicated
  9. First Impression: I don't like the new Premier League club badges. Why do Man Utd have 4 stars, and why is it the same as Sunderland and Arsenal? Why do Liverpool have a crown? The ones from last year were miles better. These ones do not make any sense, especially when half of them are the same! Obviously this is one of the first things you see when you pick a Premier League team. I appreciate you don't have the license for the official badges, but I never had an issue with the shields that were used previously. I will have to download some badges this year if these default monstrosities remai
  10. I don't think that it being launched in December equates to the same thing as it being successful. It will be a few years before anything similar comes to the UK/Europe, because they will need to see if the game falls off the cliff again in terms of playing nubmers. Although I did notice that SI were recruiting people in London to work on the possible global expansion of the Online game. Regardlessly, SI are far too conservative with re-launching FML. If they brought in micro transactions in the correct way, with a hybrid free-to-play with cash top up model alongside a subscription model they
  11. I wish there wouldn't be constant patches. These constant swings in what works and doesn't work is ruining my experience. By the time I've figured out what works on a patch the next patch comes and destroys everything. I'd gone 3 in game months unbeaten on whatever patch we were on 6 weeks ago. I play today for the first time in 6 weeks and lose 5 in 9. It's lack of any consistency that turns more casual players off playing.
  12. I've found a minor issue with player career plans and in particular "would prefer not to play in county x". In this instance I was trying to sign Mario Goetze for Manchester United. Basically Bayern had a dismal first season and finished outside of the European places in the German league (and lost the Champions League final). During that time Goetze hardly played (4 league starts!) so come the end of the season he had requested a transfer on the grounds of lack of first team football and no European football for the coming season. However, where he doesn't want to play in England/France/Spain
  13. If memory serves Chelsea have won back to back Premier League titles, a Champions League, a Europa League, a shed load of FA Cups and have a multi billionaire owner yet still play in a stadium of 41,000. I'm not sure the game is that unrealistic in relation to stadiums. It really isn't just that simple to move to a brand new stadium especially in the space of 5 to 10 years.
  14. The picture for the Undercover Agent achievement made me laugh. Is it deliberately meant to look like that?
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