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  1. SuperOwl86

    World Cup Betting Thread

    I had a £2 free bet the other day on the William Hill Scratch card. Put it on both teams to score Mo Salah to score and Russia to win at 8/1. Tonight got a £1 build a bet on Coral over 0.5 goals Mitrovic to score and Savic to carded at 13/1 but still not paid out.
  2. SuperOwl86

    Portugal - Spain, 19BST

    Used my free bet on this
  3. SuperOwl86

    The PC Gaming Thread

    When I built my first PC I wiped all the thermal paste off and put it and set it going not having a clue. Thankfully i cottoned on sharpish to what I had done so managed to save it.
  4. SuperOwl86

    Game about to go bankrupt for a 2nd time?

  5. SuperOwl86

    The New & Improved Photography Thread

    https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/nikon-d3400-af-p-18-55vr-digital-slr-camera-lens-kit-black-change-seller-to-amazon-360-plus-50-discount-at-checkout-temporarily-oos-2945833 Thought the above maybe useful for you.
  6. SuperOwl86

    The OTF Homeowners Thread

    In a bidding war for a property I viewed over the weekend, Not looking good I dont think
  7. SuperOwl86


    Its a shame that the power motor does not come with the set for the price it is.
  8. SuperOwl86


  9. SuperOwl86

    The PC Gaming Thread

    What is your setup? @Gimpy
  10. SuperOwl86

    The PC Gaming Thread

    Hard drive wise I have a Samsung evo 850 may look at getting a new spin drive though had the current one for the last two pc's. When I was was first playing with the idea of a new rig was thinking more along the lines of 8700k but no idea why person from work insists on Ryzen. H e also did point out that I should look to get a different psu with something that has modular cables which i do agree with. Not sure if I could maybe get away with keeping my current case which is a Corsair 550D.
  11. SuperOwl86

    The PC Gaming Thread

    It would be for gaming such as Flight sims, Battlefield 1 and next years FM, would also use it to watch internet videos/tv so ideally would like it to run as quiet as possible.
  12. SuperOwl86

    The PC Gaming Thread

    anyone able to offer any advice on this pc looking to put together? https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/9zfp29
  13. SuperOwl86


  14. SuperOwl86

    Grand National 2018 Sweepstake

    Just sent you my payment No idea why though
  15. SuperOwl86

    Grand National 2018 Sweepstake

    I will take two slots but will not be able to get the money across untill tonight.