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  1. Ryan Sessegnon definitely worth a look. Just picked him up for £7m at the start of the 3rd season.
  2. Tagliafico well worth a look. Will develop into a quality LB.
  3. Didn't get Kante in the end, didn't want to move to a lower rep club, heh. Enjoy finishing 10th at Chelsea. My big signing was instead Joshua Kimmich from Bayern. On stupid wages, something like 170k a week, but looks incredible, especially for his age. Now means I have the Kimmich-Barkley-Horta midfield of dreams. Loving this squad so much.
  4. Just finished my 2nd season and what a season it was. Started okay, was sat 4th after 15 games but after that the guys put the accelerator down and we went on an incredible run. Lost a couple of key games, but this is how the season finished: Unbelievable really. We were bang average in the first season so to come back and win the league in the 2nd is ridiculous. The key was our attacking. We were incredible going forward. Moussa Dembele was the signing of the season. Took a few games to get going, but here is his record at the end of the season: He swept up every award oth
  5. Agreed, it is an awful lot of money, but my scouts rate him incredibly highly with immense potential. He's already performing too, 7.28 average rating from from his first 12 appearances. Playing the long game with him, reckon by 2020 he'll be one of the best midfielders in the game. We shall see! Just got a board confidence update through so thought I'd check what they think of my Transfer Activity and they mentioned something about Belotti's performances for Bayern mean the club should regret selling him. So thought I'd have a little look and see how he's getting on, and oh wow. 6 games,
  6. Into my second season now and I made some big summer moves, selling on 7 players for £85m before spending £84m strengthening the team. I sold: Gerard Deulofeu to Man Utd for £27.5m (rising to £39m) - Didn't want to sell but the offer was too good and he wanted out. Niasse - £3.2m to Bastia Muhammed Besic - £4.4m to Marseille Brendan Galloway - £1.8m to Wolves Andrea Belotti - £45m to Bayern - Again, didn't really want to sell but the offer was just too good to resist and he wasn't amazing first season. I'll take the profit. I then strengthened the side bringing in: Chris
  7. This guy, Domagoj Vida is superb. Bought for £11m Dynamo Kyiv in the first season he's been one of the best defenders in the PL. Can play all across the back 4 and as a DM but is best either at CB or RB. Has superb physical stats, is strong in a lot of the mental stats you need to be a top defender and then has good heading, marking and tackling to go with it. If you're looking for a versatile defender in any of the top leagues, Vida is your guy. Been so impressed with him. His value has sky rocketed too, so a good player to make some decent profit off.
  8. I've started as Everton on FM Touch (standard FM doesn't run quick enough for my liking on my PC) and loving it. Bought in a couple of key signings at the start of the first season bringing in Donnarumma for £18m, Belotti for £12m and probably my best signing - Domagoj Vida for £11m. Vida is one of the best players I've used on this years FM. He's an incredibly versatile defender that can play anywhere across the back 4 with his natural position being CB. He has excellent physical stats, coupled with strong heading, marking and tackling, a great work-rate and determination, he's brave, he's a
  9. Started as Orient the other day. Been meaning to start a lower league save after thoroughly enjoying my Morecambe save on last years game. This year I went with a team that I have had a liking for for years. My Grandad is a big Orient fan so made sense as an option for this years game. Had an excellent first season. Won the league by 7 points over Portsmouth. Mason Bennett came in on loan and led the line superbly in rotation with Jay Simpson. I used a tactic I've used for a number of teams on this years game which looks like: -----------------------SK--------------------------- WB--------
  10. Despite all the talk in here - I've found Valencia to be absolutely boss at MR on this years game. When Son's not starting Valencia has filled in superbly there.
  11. Name: Son Heung-Min Age: 23 Nationality: Korean Club: Spurs Position: MR (best position) but can also play AMR/AML/ST/ML Value: Around £25m Sale Value: Around £45m Level of team suited for: Top teams Work Permit Needed?: Not sure - don't think he needed one - got it easily if he did Incredible player. Best player I've used on this years game.
  12. - Son Heung Min - Enzo Roco - Mayke - Youri Tielemans - Luan
  13. I use a 4-2-3-1 but with an AML IF on one side and an MR on the other. Works an absolute treat. Son's a beast at MR W(A). Would also allow you to get the best out of Valencia if you've still got him if Son picks up an injury.
  14. Anyone used much of Zach Clough? Just signed him for United in the 3rd season after being impressed with his all-round stats. Had started the 3rd season with a bang for Villa scoring 6 in 4 and on debut for me has added 2 more. Scouts suggest he has good potential, he's physically very good, good determination and work rate, and technically he's definitely good enough. Worth a look early in the game if you can develop him yourselves for a few seasons.
  15. Do it. He's the best player I've used on the game. Don't play him as an Inside Forward though. Play him as a RM (not an AMR) set to W(A). He's superb. Signed him in January of the 2nd season, scored 8 got 7 assists in 15 games with 8 MOTM awards. Won Footballer of the Year, Fans' Player of the Year and had an average rating over 8. He's great.
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