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  1. Sheffield Wednesday started the season on minus 12 points, however this was recently reduced on appeal to minus 6. You won the game, gained the 3 points, bringing your league total to minus 3.
  2. Although I appreciate it is an unofficial logo pack, it could well be something to do with this: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/may/22/manchester-united-sues-football-manager-makers-over-use-of-name
  3. Currently using TCS skin, due to the instant result feature, and have decided to download @stevemc's background packs for Comps/Stadiums'. After a bit of research, seemingly I cannot use the backgrounds and the skin simultaneously. Is there anyway around this, without completely altering all of the .xml files, as I'm a bit of a novice with that stuff. If there is no way around it, can anyone else recommend an instant result skin that I can use the background pictures with? Cheers!
  4. Sacked: Taking charge of a side expecting Silverware in a division so small is always a ridiculously tough task. 2nd place wasn't enough, and after exiting the Cup in the Semi Final's, my time was up. Here's hoping I don't have to wait another two years before another crack here!
  5. Half-way Stage: We remain unbeaten in the league, however it's going quite to plan. The return fixture against Full Physio will be massive, and hopefully they'll slip up elsewhere along the way. I have dominated every game, but too many draws is costing me: Here is the T&C season, in it's entirety:
  6. New Beginnings: So after TWO full seasons, of not a single sacking in T&C, I was about to give up and resort to retiring the worst team in the league. Thankfully though, 2nd placed Beaches came to my aid and finally got rid of their manager who'd been living on 'Insecure' for the last 15 months. Easily the best squad I've inherited by a mile: Considering their strong finish, and presumably strong standing in T&C, I'm quietly confident I can get out quite quickly. The issue with this league, and many others, is that with only 12 games stretched out over
  7. End of Season Update: A final day win at Red Sea saw me pip Al-Tahrir on the final day and secure success in Eritrea at the first attempt. Another fairly long league season out of the way. Disappointed to not win the double here, but in my career cup success counts for nothing. Onwards on upwards now to the Turks and Caicos islands, where they only play 12 league games, so hopefully I can get a good run going early on. We also say farewell to Eritrea, and welcome along Pakistan
  8. The Halfway Stage: Playing the game with no staff whatsoever is pretty difficult. I have absolutely no idea which of my players are any good, so I have to go the old school route of attributing and player form etc. Fortunately, it's been working pretty well. A solid start in the league, which has begun to dip slightly, and a good run in the Cup. It will be a tough ask, but I could still get out of here at the first attempt:
  9. End of Season Update: Sri Lanka is done. After 2 long, testing seasons (34 games in SL), I've managed to get out. A few blips along the way, but the strong run at the end of season saw me over the line. I'm off to Africa, to the mighty footballing powerhouse of Eritrea. We also wave goodbye to Sri Lanka, and welcome aboard Aruba. Unfortunately, the Seychelles league appears to be unplayable, so we skip another nation. There are currently three available jobs in Eritrea, given it's the end of the season there as well, and realistically I should
  10. Mid-Season Update: It's tight at the top. Really tight. I'm confident though, and although I'm out of the Cup my League form has generally been pretty good. A strong second half of the season should get me out of Sri Lanka at, basically, the first attempt. One thing I really like about playing in Sri Lanka are the player names. I think this guy has the longest name in the League, and probably the world: Also, a big shout out to my Goalkeeping Coach, who is my only other member of staff and is doing a fine job at scouting, despite having both Scoutin
  11. End of Season Update: It was a very 'meh' campaign, dropping down a place to finish 12th. Too many draws in games we completely dominated and we will need to be much better next time around.
  12. Sri Lanka: I take the first, and only, job opportunity available. A landmark for me, as I finally enter a job which pays actual money. £325 per week. Partly through the season, mid-table, didn't stop me achieving glory last time, however there's a slightly bigger gap than before, so I think this season will be one of consolidation.
  13. End of Season Update: Well, I certainly had a good run. 5 months here and my work is already done. I barely unpacked my suitcase, winning the league with a game to spare. I don't think the USVI's Hall of Fame is very impressive, in that I've conquered it within months of arriving: I'm now off for my first crack in Asia, Sri Lanka to be precise, and once that's done I'll be on my way to Africa for a crack there. We will be skipping our first nation, as unfortunately the Tongan league is not included, so it will be the Turks and Caicos
  14. A new beginning: So I'm off to the USVI, and a very apt club to take over. There were plenty of jobs going, but I liked the sound of this lot, so I gave them a chance: I take control of 'New Vibes FC', who current reside in 7th, midway through the USVI season, although lying only 8 points off top, I could well be in with a quick chance of island hopping should I get a good run under my belt:
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