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  1. Hi, See attachment, player is unhappy that a didn't keep a promise to develop young players, no problem there. However his description of who I didn't develop is "male#4" so I can't see where I went wrong specifically.
  2. Had an inbox message saying £200k is getting given to squad for being runner-up in FA cup. However we got knocked out in the semi final. Guessing this is just a typo, or possibly it is actually taking money off me as if I came runner up. FA cup review doesn't mention me as the runner-up (it has the correct team).
  3. Hi, I've uploaded the save a little before the issue mentioned above. Its called "last save overwrite backup.fm"
  4. Timeline Al Nassr make bid for my player. My player is apparently keen to join. I have a discussion with the player and explain I'll accept bids at end of the season. He is happy with this. New bids come in from 3 European teams which will involve transfer completing at end of season so I accept these. I reject the Al Nassr bid as it would be an immediate transfer (As agreed with player this should be fine) Player says promise not kept as I rejected the above bid. I had another discussion and tried to mention I need him until the end of the season again and he said its not good enough. It appears to be an issue that this player can't acknowledge transfer dates or perhaps some issue where the link between the promise and the bid made is broken. Unfortunately the save is too large to attach, but the description above is exactly how it all happened.
  5. I’ve been managing Auxerre for 4 years and the youth intakes have been amongst the best I’ve seen anywhere. Start in Ligue 2 however, don’t know if that will put the original poster off. Could always try Toulouse, they generate some great players.
  6. What attributes are used when the game calculates the winner of a 1v1 (e.g. winger running at full back)? I’m mainly concerned about the defensive attributes as the attacking ones seem fairly obvious. I suppose the obvious for the defensive side would be tackling. But after that there’s a whole raft of attributes that could plausibly be used (concentration, determination to name but 2). Happy to hear theory on this but any definite answers would be great!
  7. The key to a quality target man isn’t just a physical specimen but also one with great bravery, aggression and determination. I find it relatively easy to find older target men who have these mental attributes. In my 4th season with Auxerre I’ve managed to sign Marco Tuminello who seems to be the only young target man with the required mental attributes who was willing to join. There appear to be plenty of young tall players who are strong but lack the mental attributes. In training you can’t increase aggression and bravery, so the questions is this - are these attributes set in stone (or will have mild natural increases)? Or can they increase significantly through experience and playing time? Need to know whether to give up on some youth prospects now or give them time. Also for a break from the norm I’m playing direct football utilising a target man so retraining to be a poacher for example won’t do.
  8. I run two mezzala in a 4411. One is attack duty, the other support. Obviously this would usually leave a gap for linking play to them. I fix this by using inverted wing backs to link play and recycle possession. Works great for me, but I guess it will depend on so many factors.
  9. I’ve been playing about with TMs quite a lot. Went for a 4411 with Shadow striker. Fairly obvious mechanic there, long Ball to TM and flick on the SS. I also ran with conventional wingers to help me get the ball in the box as my other outlet. The target man releases these guys quite often, and crosses seem more likely to succeed in this version than others. Also use a mezzala and a Carrillero at MC since their movement sends them towards the flanks where they can help the wingers out. When the play is central these players will run into spaces vacated by the SS. Lastly the FB are IWBs so they sit in the DM strata and recycle possession. Since I changed to this I went W8 L1 for my final 9 games of the season with Auxerre (1st season in ligue 1).
  10. OK I dug around the forums and saw someone mention avast anti virus being the issues, and it turns out it was for me! For anyone who has this issue try uninstalling avast then uninstalling football manager 18. Then reinstall FM18 and reinstall avast (assuming you still want it). Apparently avast can mess with the installation. Reloaded my save after the reinstall and all works fine!
  11. Just to preempt the graphics card question its a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 765M and I've just reinstalled all drivers Also processor is I5-4200M CPU 2.50Ghz 8 GB RAM
  12. Started up my marathon weekend of FM18 and a crash occurs just before transfer window close (or perhaps as it ticks past the transfer window). This occurs every time I try to go past it. Followed the advice regarding clearing cache etc. I've tried to post a crash dump but there doesn't appear to be a folder for it (followed instruction off the website to find it too). Here's a screenshot of the error message I don't use any downloaded files etc I am trying to upload the save game file but its I can't since it over the 4.88mb limit. Let me know if there is someway round this limit as I guess its impossible for you to help without the save game file. Very frustrating but have I faith in you to resolve, please help!
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