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  1. we can already pick 1 favorite team how about being able to pick a team we hate as well? also, there are several teams I like so adding a few more options would be nice too.
  2. what I really miss is the ability to talk to players during a sub. You see the manager giving final instructions and welcoming the subbed players all the time. Let us say the same things to a player getting on the field as we can do before the game (IE: I have faith in you, I expect a performance...) and tell the subbed player you needed a defender, more power in the front, he looked tired, hope the injury isnt bad...... you get the point.
  3. I found 1 major flaw in the team talk. I'm playing my last game of the 1st group stage in the Euro Cup. I'm already qualified so I tell my players to relax and have fun. Before the game and during half time. After the game, some of my players are ****ed off because of the comment. Surely, they're smart enough to understand than once they're qualified they dont have to give a 100% anymore and my comments should have been good.
  4. one thing a co-worker came up with was having your favorite ass-manager and taking him with you to another team. Also, I'd love to see the ability to inform the current club you're leaving at the end of the season or contract and that other teams will offer you contracts to join them after you quit....thus not right away. This could be used both ways. If you're doing well and had good succes they'll be happy for you if you move to a bigger club and by telling in time they can find a replacement. But when things are going bad, they can kick you out sooner to start working with the new manager sooner. also love to see more in-dept team interaction. Congratulate player on his b-day. Talk to him about differences etc.
  5. One thing I would really love to see is the ability to set relationship between people. Like Son of.... or brother of... Why? because for example: I played the dutch league (I'm dutch) and When PSV played Feyenoord the news papers would sometimes report on the coaches comments. PSV is managed by Ronald koeman and his brother manages Feyenoord. You'd get the following in the papers: Koeman thinks highly of Koeman. It would look better if the game recognizes that they're brothers and then it could be: Koeman thinks highly of his little/older brother.
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