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  1. I think in some champions league matches, Liverpool played with a mezzala (Milner) on the same side as an Inside Forward (Salah) to great effect. I have one tactic where i use an Inside Forward on attack and a Mezzala on attack on the same side of the pitch and it works wonders...
  2. What roles would you give to Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke?
  3. with the new roles (specially the mezzala and the segundo volante) it would be interesting to know how would you try to replicate Brazil 82!
  4. Have you tried to play your ball playing defender on the right side? he would have more space to hold the ball (because the wingback is wider and higher than the full back, he will have a safe option in passing to the central midfielder, whilst having a great run to pass into - The Raumdeuteur)?
  5. Good evening, I've notice (and was able to replicate twice already) that the game crashes when a player gets injured during a match and if you go immediately to the tactics screen and substitute him, instead of waiting for the game to take it to the tactics screen automatically. Also, when it happens half time, the player who was subbed off due to getting injured will appear on the team again (instead of the player who replaced him) when the second half starts. I will upload two crash dumps. Thanks for the attention. Rakatics_FM 2018 v18.1.2.1043463 (2017.11.19 23.00.53).dmp Rakatics_FM 2018 v18.1.2.1043463 (2017.11.20 21.44.10).dmp
  6. Could you develop it? I find it that in a flat 4-4-2, the middfield shouldnt have any player on a defend duty (specially central midfielders, havent tried with a wide midfielder on defend). The strenght of a flat 4-4-2 is it's flatness and compactness. I feel that with a central midfielder on a defend duty it creates a lot of gaps. With all midfielders on a support duty (maybe on wide midfielder on an attack duty) most adapting and tweaking you make is with the defensive line (one of cleons n.1 rule - checking the defensive line) - either prevent passes into space or to remove time and space from the n.10
  7. i've had some interesting results (i will try to post later), with rouglhy the same tactic.. surely the games are, to say the least, chaotic.. But it's the best and most amusing 4-4-2 i have ever used.. Loads of central midfielders are required though. From memory the tactical changes are: tis: Close down more, get stuck and go route one. Fb s instead of fb a. Winger s with get foward instead of winger a. Wm s with shoot less pi. I would also add gk to take long kicks but mine doesnt have good kicking rating.
  8. I agree with less shouts. But instead I would go with standard mentality, flexibe + get stuck in, close down more and go route one. Not sure about More Direct for one reason: with more direct passing shout the width increases; on the other hand go route one decreases width. Being it a 4-4-2, with wingers, I would say to go route one to help defending the middle and winning rebounds and 2nd balls. And I believe close down more is needed to get those tackles in and show some agression.
  9. Cheers charisma_charisma! That was a really good advice. Tried in just one match with more direct passes instructed to the DF d, as charisma_charisma advised. I started with the formation and TI's I've posted in the OP. I only added more direct passes to the DF d (remember my problem was him not contributing in ofensive phases as much as I would like, mainly because he was holding the ball to much and only playing simple passes backwards). QPR was going to start the game in a 4-4-1-1 formation which could be problematic because of the n.10 and the superiority in midfield. As it turned out, it wouldn't be a problem because, on the contrary, i had superiority in midfield (2 mc + df d) and the reduced space and time that both QPR's n.º 10 and striker had. So, the game. By the 40th minute I was already up 4-0. QPR scored in the last minute of the first half. I only made changes after half time, around the 50th minute, because QPR changed to a 4-2-3-1 with a really high defensive line. During those first 5 mintues of the second half, QPR started to dominate possession and creating some chances. That's when I chickened out. So I changed mentality to counter, added pass into space and swapped the DLF a to a Defensive Midfielder, with Anchor Man role (surprisingly it became Cleon's art of counter attack. With great results.) Some stats: - The result and team formations - Stats (note that most QPR's shots (and goal) were long shots, which I'm happy with. - Shots - Interceptions (I guess most of them come from all the running of both central midfielders) Some replays (all from the 1st half, because the 2nd half was a "different" type of game) where we can see a couple actions and situations I was hoping to create: 1. - The first goal. DLFa working has I was hoping, stretching the play upfront. 2. - Interception from the MC s (in front of opposition attackers and n. 10, leaving them to defenders with not much space due to the slightly higher defensive line); nice pass from the DF d to the DLF a who, in turn, passed for the MR to finish wide. 3. - Great pass by de DF d. Here I believe it he made it due to be instructed to do more direct passes. I get the feeling that before he would hold the ball (and eventually loose it) or make a simple pass backwards. 4. - DF d helping the central midfielders getting the ball back. 5. - Another example of the DLF a strechting forward while we maintain presence in the area with the DF d rushing forward to the goal and both central midfielders appearing almost unmarked on the edge of the area. DLF a decided to cross for the DF d. 6. - DF d acting like a Target Man, being used by the defenders to get the ball forward straight from defence. And again, instead of making a simple pass to any of the central or wide midfielders, the DF d decides to pass to the other striker. I still feel he would pass backwards hadn't he been instructed to make more direct passes. In the end, it was a well worked play with another great assist from the DF d to the DLF a. This time he scored. 7. - Another example of the DF d helping the central midfielders. There is another situation which I find interesting. With both central midfielders, if the n.10 or a striker gets the ball which went through the central midfielders, we recover the ball many, many times because: 1- The defenders get the ball back because they are pushing up; 2- The central midfielders get the ball back, or intercept a pass, because they are running back; 3- The player with the ball, because doesn't have space or time, either misplaces the pass or takes rushed long shot. I will try to notice a couple of those situations to post. Thanks for your help!
  10. I like that idea, thanks! Will try that (without the AM though) and try to post the results. I will also try that plus swapping the DLF a for an Advanced Forward (which might make sense). I usually only add team instructions after the games starts and I get a feeling about what's going on. Pass into space is a killer when the opposition plays a high defensive line. Still it doesn't help my if I'm using a DF d ps. Leeds is always the first team i try
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