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  1. In line of the oppening post, i've started a save using no TIs, PIs, OIs.. The roles are inspired by Klopp's Liverpool system. The only changes i usually make during a match is changing the DMd to DLPd if i notice him having time on the ball, Car to BBM if i want more presence in and around the area (good goals from him, just outside the box) and the F9 to DLFs, CFs or PFa, depending on what i want (more movement or more presence in the area). So far, it is the best football i've managed on FM20.
  2. I was a bit surprised it was so high, yes. The opposition doesn't seem to cross so much. I don't mind the crossing, space is created for the wing backs, but i think irl there aren't so many crosses. On the first match of the season my team attempted 54 crosses.
  3. How many crosses is your team trying per game? Mine is averaging 25 plus (with low crossing). If I changed to mixed crossing, sometimes the number increases to 40 plus crosses attempted. This is my setup:
  4. The only thing that just improved the motion in fm 20 was to install the nvidia controller and geforce experience from scratch.
  5. I have the same problem. It makes no difference between playing with intel integrated graphics or the nvidia graphics. I even feel its smother with intel integrated graphics.
  6. I find that with both strikers on attack duties there is more mobility and aggressiveness and it opens space for the attacking midfielder to make late runs into the area and finish. Although in Marco Roses's system at Salzburg the attacking midfielder would bypass the striker (usually Dabbur) and get in behind the defence sometimes. Some tinkering needed yet.
  7. Currently I'm using this (trying to emulate Marco Rose's formation at Salzburg). Sometimes I drop back the Central Midfield - Defend to Defensive Midfielder - Defend. Only role I'm not sure about is the center left striker (I alternate between Target Man - Attack and Complete Forward - Attack).
  8. I think in some champions league matches, Liverpool played with a mezzala (Milner) on the same side as an Inside Forward (Salah) to great effect. I have one tactic where i use an Inside Forward on attack and a Mezzala on attack on the same side of the pitch and it works wonders...
  9. What roles would you give to Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke?
  10. with the new roles (specially the mezzala and the segundo volante) it would be interesting to know how would you try to replicate Brazil 82!
  11. Have you tried to play your ball playing defender on the right side? he would have more space to hold the ball (because the wingback is wider and higher than the full back, he will have a safe option in passing to the central midfielder, whilst having a great run to pass into - The Raumdeuteur)?
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