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  1. Sadly having the same issues as everyone else since the update. I can relay that every aspect of the game from squad selection to viewing matches (both 2d and 3d) are incredibly slow and glitchy. I am running the attached display settings. Normally used to the cooling fan coming on during games and can handle that - However it's now running constantly. Please let me know if I can provide more information. Looking forward to a resolution to this.
  2. Very great read. I've always held off playing against weaker sides in pre-season to protect the team against complacency. I'm assuming that because fitness levels and cohesion are high, the players play with confidence?
  3. On behalf of everyone at FM-Base, thanks for the mention
  4. Just come across this thread Cleon, very descriptive and insightful. System is very similar to what I'm playing with Swansea at the moment and getting great results. Good to see threads like this.
  5. Great thread. Very insightful and inspirational for other users in the same boat.
  6. Great read. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out for you.
  7. Do you have a link to the formation guide you used as your starting point?
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