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  1. i admit before i posted this it sounded like a good idea it wasnt until i posted it and thought about it i realised that this is already there.
  2. I thought of this earlier and thought it would be a good idea. Id like to be able to change the formation when in transition between defending and attacking so when your defending its for example a 4-4-2 and when you win the ball and are on the attack you can then alter it to a 4-3-3, dont know whether this is possible in anyway but i think it would a good feature for future games.
  3. he is in the game you just have to load up the portugese league to find him, his stats are not that great tbh if we sign him hopefully he'll get a boost
  4. I am in a similar position to you, I would suggest for premier league maybe Norwich, Wigan, Southampton, QPR and for championship Cardiff, Bolton, Leicester they would seem like a decent challenge.
  5. Nation: Europe Division: Top European Competition: N/A Media Prediction: Anywhere Board Expectation(s): Any where i have the time to build and develop my own squad Transfer Budget: Enough to build a squad Wage Budget: Same as Above Finances: Any Other: Want a team that has a few good individuals, and have enough money to compete at a good level.
  6. Okay so i ordered the game via shopto and am expecting it to be delivered today so when it arrives can i play it or will i have to wait till tomorrow.
  7. thanks for the help guys i am clued up on most things fm but i still after so many years have grey areas where i dont know much this was definitely one of them.
  8. currently managing swansea and want to know how to make the club self sustainable.
  9. 3rd season at man city bearing in mind i have clichy and robinson is this guy any better.
  10. Mine is Sergio Kun Aguero easily the best player i have ever had the privilege of managing. first season in charge at city i won the league he scored 58 in total and 51 in the league, i am currently in october of my 2nd season he already has 17 league goals in 7 games he just smashed 5 in against LFC in a 6-0 hammering.
  11. well i dont holiday until the 1st league game of the season but when it comes to friendlies i get my ass man to take charge of them.
  12. here is luc in 2015/16 season age 22
  13. my lfc squad 2nd season i play a 433 with wingers. GK- Reina, Doni, Jones RB- Glen, Kelly LB- Enrique, Robinson CB- Agger, Otamendi, Carra, Coates CM- Lucas, Stevie, Marvin Martin, Henderson, Suso RW- Kagawa, Sinclair LW- Suarez, Sinclair ST- Suarez, Carroll, Doumbia, Bueno
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