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  1. The Official FMRTE 2012 Thread

    For people struggling with Framework error download the Compressed version instead
  2. Thanks for keeping in touch bcooper. Appreciated. Just out of interest how come you're the only one on here??
  3. Just to keep people happy whilst we're waiting here is a game :-) http://www.foddy.net/Cricket.html It is also strangely addictive and annoying but less so than all of this!!
  4. Well then obviously the servers going to be busy anyone could have told them that. I think a nice orderly line is going to be put in place. SHOTGUN first place
  5. fm weegie final release - forum crashed

    Michael you have just achieved legend status!! (That is if the update is as good as everyone says it, I've never tried one of yours before, but the others I've tried recently have been poor.)
  6. The Susie Update Thread

    Hi, First I have to say good work, I tried doing one for just the premierleague and it took me ages. Just a few things though: Zak Jones reserve team GK at Blackburn was released and is now at Chorley FC. Rostyn Griffiths of Rovers reserve team has agreed a loan deal to go to Accy Stanley once the loan market opens again. Also the whole backroom staff needs sorting as well. Glyn Hodges has gone to Man City and we've bought in a lot from MK Dons. Hope this helps, keep up the good work.
  7. fm weegie final release - forum crashed

    and now he's gone again!!:-(
  8. fm weegie final release - forum crashed

    He's on this thread now somewhere!!!!!
  9. Mr B's Transfer Update 3/9/08

    Hi Mr B. Somethings for you to update. The Blackburn and therefore Man City and MK Dons backroom staff need sorting. Mark Bowen et al are still at Blackburn.
  10. i had something like that created my own tactic as 4-4-2 diamond. My AM did this(Ismael Aissati) scored a bomb scored in first full season something like 48 in 46 games. But i also conceded loads as well. and then it just wouldn't work in some games??
  11. can someone send it to me: rick_hollows@hotmail.com thanks in advance