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  1. I guess his problem was never solved. Which is a mighty shame as I have the same exact problem.
  2. Enjoyed your post, fmfan Its nice to discover how stingy lower German clubs are with money, except Leipzig ofc. I won the second division with Kaiserslautern and got about 400k transfer budget as a reward, haha
  3. It's your tactics mate. Get good. Busquets drops deep for me even with my fullbacks in the DR/DL Position. He executes the role perfectly. Its all about setting your team/tactics up properly.
  4. For some reason the Shadow Striker seems much less effective in this version. I hear that an Enganche is more attack minded and thus more likely to score instead. Thoughts?
  5. Just let them keep banging in the crosses. Everytime one of these crosses connect and the back of your net ripples, punch the air in satisfaction, for this is your small protest vote against FM's overpowered crosses. Only kidding. The problem with show onto weaker foot is it employs a less aggresive approach. A little shuffling, and the fullback will work the angle he needs. Instead, you should use the Close Down More Opposition Instruction on both Fullbacks. Fullbacks in FM typically lack the dribbling attributes to consistently dodge the defensive player steaming in for a challenge. Assuming they don't cross it first time, you'll restrict the angle. The downside of this is a lot more corners conceded.
  6. Greetings. So I've created a tactic which concentrates the play on my right side. My humble Kaiserslautern relies heavily on the guile, pace, and delivery of star man Hirving Lozano, who has re-paid the faith with 5 goals and 21 assists. Although it works reasonably well, I know it can be improved, and have been looking for ways to do so. I occasionally get sliced open on counter-attacks. I wonder sometimes if I commit too many men forward. Its worth noting that my CMR(support) has the PI 'Hold Position' enabled. It seems he accomplishes this task better than when he plays as a Deep-Lying Playmaker, which is rather ironic. I'd like a critique of this tactic. I'd love to hear the flaws and what can be done to correct them. Thanks!
  7. The best way to create space would be to lower your team mentality considerably. It might be a better idea to try a defensive or counter mentality with a Support Duty forward(s) and multiple runners from deep. Lowering your mentality would serve to draw the opposing team out to mark your now-deeper players. The last thing you could do is pack the midfield. As Guardiola once said, his biggest problem with facing packed defences at first was overloading the forward line. To solve this, he began overloading the midfield instead, in order to congest the play there and thus release his forwards with fewer defenders to beat.
  8. If, hypothetically, I criticized my player for making too many mistakes, and he agreed and promised to improve "with my help", what does this actually mean ? Does criticism actually affect players training/match performances besides upping their morale and developing your relationship ?
  9. Thank you for the quick reply. I use a standard mentality with a Flexible Team Shape. Along with the Work Ball Into Box, Play Narrower, Exploit the Right Flank, and Much Higher Defensive Line, along with Lower Tempo. No player instructions(actually i gave my false 9 'Hold up Ball') My objective is for the right flank to be my main creative point. The Raumdeuter on the left was meant to be a sort of direct counterbalance to the otherwise slow-build up play Im generally going for. Having watched a full match, I did pick up a few things. 1) The actions of my CM(A) are unpredictable. Sometimes he would drop deep to get the ball, pass it forward, and jog at a snails pace, keeping well behind the play. Other times he would stay in central midfield until the ball circulated upfield, and make forward runs at top speed( he has 19 pace). Occasionally when the ball was crossed into the box he'd be right in there competing for it. Other times he'd stay in the semi-circle waiting for a rebound. I must confess I have trouble deciding which role he is better suited performing, though with an Attack Duty I would have thought he'd get forward at every opportunity. Am i better served changing him to a CM support ? or making him a Box-to-box midfielder ? I do like his forward runs on attack duty, but i guess defensive solidity is important too. 2) My WB(S) stays level with my CM(D) when we are on the offensive. Way behind the play, he generally offers little as either a passing option and is still too deep to make early crosses. His main function as i saw it in that game was helping snuff out counter attacks. 3) My Shadow Striker and False 9 seem to get in each other's way a lot. Secondly my False 9 hardly ever holds up the ball(even with the personal instruction to do so). When he attempts to do so he tries to run out wide leading to an instant tackle and turnover in possession. Is the f9 incapable of doing this? Or is there better support duty forward role that works as well with a shadow striker?
  10. Balance wise, what appears to be the problem(s) with this formation ? --------------------------Sweeper Keeper(S)------------------------ -------------------CD(D)----------------CD(D)-------------------- ----CWB(A)----------------------------------------------WB(S)-- ------------------CM(A)---------------CM(D)--------------------- ----AP(S)-----------------------SS(A)--------------------RMD(A)- -------------------------------F9(S)------------------------------ I would appreciate any tips to minimise some of its glaring weaknesses. Thanks in advance.
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