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  1. Update: the game crashes only when I click "Inbox".
  2. Hey guys, My friend and I have an online game set up. We had problems connecting [had to wait about 15 minutes every time], but now the game crashes every time I connect and click anything. Crash log attached below. We have a custom Polish league patch [found at http://www.cmrev.com/fileplanet/plik/FM-Revolution-Polska-Liga-Update-2016-v1_2.html]. Thanks for the help in advance! FM Crash log.rtf
  3. Just finished the second season and again, no end of season break! Anyone had a similar problem? I don't know what to do, and the boys deserve a holiday after two years!
  4. I'm running Charlton, barely stayed up in Championship. The only info about the pre-season was an announcement that it will start on July 5th and last until the 15th. No questions, nothing.
  5. Hey, Did I miss something? My team didn't go on holiday after season finished and I can't seem to find any option to send the team on holiday. I could rest them all, but I don't think that will have the same effect. Advice? Thanks!
  6. Many thanks, we'll buy the game in a few moments! We're pretty stoked, haven't played FM since FM09. We'll probably go for the '14 edition, though, heard tons of nasty things about the latest one.
  7. Hey guys, I own a Mac and wanted to play an online game with my friend, who owns a PC. Is it at all possible? Thanks in advance!
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