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  1. Uhh.. not quite. Pirates steal. It's like them stealing a beer from the fridge. But the majority would never have paid for that beer in the first place. So it's not a lost sale, it's a sale that didn't exist in the first place and people really need to stop agonising over it.
  2. Much against my principles

    Grow up, you paranoid fairy.
  3. I cannot seem to save.

    Yeah, I did something with the config.xml file and that screwed it. I now get the window. The only problem is that the MLS seems hardcoded to 15 teams and therefore won't let me add this new one in
  4. I cannot seem to save.

    Whatever it is, I don't get it. I click "New game" and the next screen I get is the country selection screen where you pick what you want to load. Even a reinstall hasn't fixed it.
  5. I cannot seem to save.

    Thanks; but that hasn't helped. The post you linked says: To get your changes t show ingame: 1)load FM 2)on start screen click "new game". 3)when options box appears click to tick the box marked "change" in bottom right corner. 4)A menu appears asking you to select hich xml files to load into game. Check whichever you want. Any that clash will cause crashes. However, I do not get this extra box pop up - it just goes straight to the league select window. This is where my issue is - do I need to move the file that I have saved? Do I need to overwrite the config.xml file that is already in the editor folder? I have very clearly saved it and the file is in my editor folder - but the game can't "see" it. Thanks!
  6. I cannot seem to save.

    Okay guys, this is driving me mental. I have added a 16th team to the MLS, making sure that they are attributed to the MLS etc etc. All that good stuff. However, they won't show up in game. I imagine this is because I have no idea how to save my changes. In the editor, I have gone to the "Save Edited Changes" (or whatever the specific wording is) and now have a file called "Green Bay". How do I make the game recognise it? According to every guide I read, the game should let me choose between this database and the default one when I click new game - but this doesn't happen. Please help - a step by step how to from when I have finished making my changes and need to save would be awesome.
  7. The Official General Database Editing Thread

    Okay; I am trying to add another team to the MLS (so that there are 16 rather than 15). I have gone into the editor, made my changes, and selected "Save editor data as" and have created a file called "Green Bay" which has default saved into a folder with "config.xml". However, I can find absolutely nothing on what to do with this file in order to use it in game. Apparently I should be able to choose the database when I click new game - but this doesn't happen. Please help.
  8. It's okay lads, I just got to the point of playing the game itself and my laptop BSODs every time. I'll just stick to playing it on my PC as this thing obviously can't handle the step up needed from 09 to 10. Thanks for all the advice, though.
  9. Ah, problem; 1280x800 is the smallest I can use; and the problem is still present. Rubbish
  10. Yeah I had considered that - but I use windowed mode as I tend to be working when playing FM so I'd rather not make everything look funny by changing resolution! However, thank you for the reply and I'll be using that if there is no other option presented
  11. I use my laptop with a resolution of 1280x768. Unfortunately, using the "windowed mode" built into the game means that the bottom buttons are all unable to be seen as they disappear under my task bar (windows XP). Does anyone know of a way I can change the size of the windowed mode window? The traditional clicking and dragging of it won't make it any smaller and I have no idea what else to try Cheers.
  12. To many crashes

    get a better computer problem solved
  13. Steam is a Joke!

    zigzag: Program Files > Steam > Steamapps > Common > FM10 > Fm.exe (I think it's called this). Don't need Steam active to load it
  14. Steam is a Joke!

    Again, someone who hasn't even got their computer set up properly so that they can install/uninstall files as an administrator (as required by many versions of windows). You all just keep on crawling out, it's amazing. Also please don't compare computers to toasters, that is nonsense.
  15. Steam is a Joke!

    If you really were an IT manager you'd know you could launch any application by using the exe within the Steam folder, which you can find in the Program Files section. So yes, user error ahoy. Program Files > Steam > Steamapps > Common > FM10. Easy. Nice work, professional.