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  1. Two possible bugs in Brazil first: even though it is in the pre game editor for the player to be called back from a loan this option in the game is disabled. Second: players in Brazil rarely go on vacation or go for a few days "I managed to fix it but only the players trained by me go on vacation" those from other teams never go!
  2. Thank you! strange that in all leagues there is this "rule" I don’t know if it’s something that really happens in real life (some FIFA rule for example) or it’s a bug.
  3. I have been having a problem, I believe it is a bug in the game "as shown in the picture" I can't disable what is underlined in red by the editor. Can someone help me or if it is a bug, I ask you to fix this, It is happening in all championships!
  4. in my case it remains slow each change takes a long time!
  5. I also don't understand why not launching the functional editor sometimes seems that on purpose the copy and paste function is almost ridiculous! but here in my file with the editor in the "non beta" version and the comps.dbc file from the previous version doesn't have these errors! If you want I can test your file, send in private message.
  6. I understand there is no logic but that's what worked! I had to do it one by one, and some competitions do not require these rankings. Another solution is to use the comps.dbc file from the previous version to check and then back up with the original comps.dbc.
  7. just go to info level rankings and build according to the number of teams in each competition
  8. Thanks for checking! I checked the leagues using the comps.dbc file from the previous version and put the comps.dbc from the new version after checking, so the file worked in the game!
  9. I don't know if I could but I sent the file in a private message.
  10. After placing the editor in the public beta this error appears in almost every competition, but when it comes to the mundane of clubs it is impossible to solve. Any solution?
  11. solved the previous error, but generated other errors mainly in the info rank level where before it was not mandatory to put now seems to be.
  12. Extract C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2020\data\sicomps compsold.rar
  13. the problem is in the file "comps.dbc" using the one from the previous version works normal ...
  14. It is impossible to edit using the 2020 editor in a file with many changes, and by the way we will have to wait until March to have another version of the editor.
  15. Here too, and the copy and paste function does not work using the mouse in the shortcuts Ctrl C and Ctrl V work, waiting for some correction.
  16. Update Brasil Real (With all Playable Clubs) Clubs are ranked by state Correct Clubs in the Brazil Cup, Northeast Cup and Green Cup Created a few cups to give more games to some teams. If anyone has an interest, please ask for the email: alsdc86@hotmail.com Update Brasil Real (Com todos os times Jogáveis) Times se classificam pelos estaduais Times corretos na copa do brasil, copa do nordeste e copa verde Criadas algumas copas para dar mais jogos a alguns times. Caso alguem tenha interesse precisa pedir pelo email: alsdc86@hotmail.com
  17. If you find any errors, I'll post it here in the forum! which by the way is great. Thank you! I know it's not the correct location but there's a hint "include a function to extract and import players into the editor."
  18. I did tests without graphics only with the leagues I usually use in the folder "editor data" but only with a selected league (Brazil 5 divisions) here the result of the tests all starting on the date 27.5.2019 19.3.2 time to create the game = 9 minutes time to go from the day 2.1.2020 until 3.1.2020 = 2 minutes (being day 2 the day of the update of the country) 19.3.3 time to create the game = 19 minutes time to go from the day 2.1.2020 until 3.1.2020 = 9 minutes (being day 2 the day of the update of the country) The days seem to be going faster now!
  19. I created a test game with Brazil Series A and a country to see only to start on date 25.11.19 because I create update brazil with your real competitions and I create enough saves to be able to go testing with each modification! in version 19.3.2 the basic save for tests lasted 13 minutes to be created already in version 19.3.3 were incredible 32 minutes! not to mention that the delay to process from 2.1.20 to 3.1.20 is so time consuming when creating another game. day 2 being the day that the brazil country is updated in case! I'm still testing here if I can find a solution I'll post it here!
  20. as for my problem, I'm going to do the tests now in both version 19.3.2 and 19.3.3 and the beta to see if it solves what I've been told to do. Soon put the result here.
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