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  1. Two possible bugs in Brazil first: even though it is in the pre game editor for the player to be called back from a loan this option in the game is disabled. Second: players in Brazil rarely go on vacation or go for a few days "I managed to fix it but only the players trained by me go on vacation" those from other teams never go!
  2. Thank you! strange that in all leagues there is this "rule" I don’t know if it’s something that really happens in real life (some FIFA rule for example) or it’s a bug.
  3. I have been having a problem, I believe it is a bug in the game "as shown in the picture" I can't disable what is underlined in red by the editor. Can someone help me or if it is a bug, I ask you to fix this, It is happening in all championships!
  4. Update Brasil Real (With all Playable Clubs) Clubs are ranked by state Correct Clubs in the Brazil Cup, Northeast Cup and Green Cup Created a few cups to give more games to some teams. If anyone has an interest, please ask for the email: alsdc86@hotmail.com Update Brasil Real (Com todos os times Jogáveis) Times se classificam pelos estaduais Times corretos na copa do brasil, copa do nordeste e copa verde Criadas algumas copas para dar mais jogos a alguns times. Caso alguem tenha interesse precisa pedir pelo email: alsdc86@hotmail.com
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