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  1. I use Brandon as a WB(S). As @Adonalsium said, he shift the ball to his right foot before crossing (or passing to central area). It works well with my IF(A) on the same side.
  2. I'm trying to create an attacking 4-4-2 like the good old Man Utd. I want it to be fast and fluid without taking care of ball possession. The tactic is this: Players PI: GK: Distribute quickly, to full backs WM: Stay wider, cut inside with ball, dribble more, pass it shorter and cross less The main problem which I'm looking for an explanation is that the WM receive the ball and immediately kick it long for the STs to run into it. I give the above PI to the WMs looking for them to run forward with the ball no to hoof it as fast as the ball get to their feet. Most of the time when this occur is when the GK pass the ball to FB and then he pas it to the WM. This images show the situation: This still happend if I remove the pass into space TI. The question is why this is happening? and how to make the WM to carry the ball forward? is it possible? Other problems I have with this tactic are: sometimes the keeper kick the ball straigth to the strikers. sometimes the defenders bypass the midfield with long passes I suspect that this could be because of the mentality but i still has the PI and TI to reduce that. In this link is the PKM. Any suggestion regarding this problems or any comments about the tactic are welcome. Thanks.
  3. Is interesting, i didn't know that attributes could be topped by other factors. Jumping reach is logical but there are others attributes topped? Currently i have the same problem with a striker, i put him to train passing and he become unhappy. Passing is currently at 11 and the player has 15 on technique and first touch. Maybe it could be about the time spent on that, he was four month on that but the attribute didn't change.
  4. Ok thanks. Most of the time I don´t worry about the rating but recently i started to think that was something wrong with my instructions, despite getting good results.
  5. Hello, I am playing with Man United, my MC (Herrera and Carrick) almost in every match get poor rating (around 6.7, 6.8) despite having over 80% pass completion, some won tackles (none or few lost), some interceptions (none or few lost) and no mistakes. This situacion has happen in most of the matches i played. Anyone has a clue about why is this happening? In my opinion they play well and deserve to get a similar rating to the one given to other players (7.0).
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