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  1. Hi Im trying to set up a tactic that sits back when defending without the ball, and when we win the ball back to be direct and get the ball forward quickly. I think I have the team instructions how I want them... but im not sure on the formation, team shape or player roles... This is how I am set up so far... I picked control mentality as I understand that it naturally is a higher tempo with more direct passing. I have a similar set up which without the ball the team with close down the opposition and try to win the ball back quickly but will be patient bringing the ball forward which is set up like this and for the most part is doing pretty well, and where possible I would like to keep the roles the same through the two to keep tactical familiarity up, but its not the end of the world as the players can play multiple roles. Any help would be great
  2. How can I take advantage with my player roles especially in my midfield triangle when the opposition is playing without a AMC, as I feel my DM is wasted
  3. How can I take advantage... Or does my current setup already take advantage and am I just splitting hairs
  4. I'm currently set up as follows... Which is working very well, but what I want to do is turn the above setup into a 4-2-3-1 so that I can take advantage of teams that don't play with a DM against me... Any help would be great Thanks
  5. I don't have any particular issues as such, I just want to be prepared to handle most situations... I understand that some things are done on the fly to counter certain threats I upped the tempo as I wanted the team to play quicker than what the counter mentality allows, it is no higher than the standard mentality. Other than that any other feedback?
  6. I'm looking for help to improve my tactical plan, I'm currently using a 4-1-2-3 (DM) and whilst the the tactic is currently preforming well (7th on the table with Stoke) I believe that it can be improved further... How i'm set up is as follows Base- Most home games are started with this set up Def- Most away games or started with this set up or holding on to a lead Atk- Used if chasing a goal Player Instructions for all are as follows: GKd: Fewer risky passes, Distribute to centre backs, Roll out, slow pace down WBs: Get further forward CDd: None BPDd: More risky passes, Hold position FBa: Shoot less often AMd: None CMs: Shoot less often MEZa: Shoot less often Ws: Shoot less often IFA: Shoot less often DFs: Shoot less often Shoot less often is used to cut down on wasted long shots Any advice on how to improve would be great, i'm not too concerned about the players at the moment, as overtime I will get in or train players to suit the tactical outlook... At the moment, I just want to ensure that the set up is as balanced as it could be and with a few tweaks to make it better. How I want the team to play is as follows: Base: Patient probing football, with a emphasis on possession and shooting accuracy Def: Solid at the back, hard to break down, win the ball back fast counters Atk: Stretch the opposition to create gaps for the attacking players to exploit
  7. Thanks, Its more that I wanted to see how it was set up, and why it was working so well But thanks anyway
  8. Hey Mate, Any chance you could upload the tactic or update any TI's and PI's would like to give this one a whirl....
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