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  1. Only a tiny percentage of his goals came from long balls over the top.
  2. Don't get the apprehension for Vardy in here. I actually liked the guy a couple of seasons ago before he started banging them in. He's the sort of striker up top we've been crying out for to help transform our game.
  3. We're buying Ricardo Rodriguez according to Kicker (and Bild I think). Would be surprised to see us sign a left back.
  4. Jack's whinging in the media about being played out of position, saying he's not a wide player was a dick move. Went beyond the usual 'I prefer to play in midfield' you get from Ramsey. Hope he doesn't get sold though, still have slim hopes that his awesomeness will make a reappearance.
  5. Thanks Retro, good to see some old faces. Or really old face in your case
  6. We got Cech done early last year, we all know how the rest of the window unfolded Just sign Morata and a centre back and I'll be happy. Anything else is a bonus. This man knows. Jose buy an Xbox so we can have a clubs reunion man.
  7. Father Senegal was some old guy who didn't really know much about football yet somehow managed to get employed by SI to do research on Arsenal player ratings which resulted in some deeply flawed player attributes. Can only imagine how good Lupoli would have been if his confidence wasn't crippled by being criminally underrated by Senegal on Football Manager. I tried my best to get him sacked but he got away with it somehow. For some reason he's been honoured on here with his name on thread title years after I heroically hounded him out of this place.
  8. Not staying unless next seasons thread is named in my honour.
  9. Reckon this will be a big summer for us, Wenger's gonna go out with a bang.
  10. Matt Spiro ‏@mattspiro 22m22 minutes ago You can tell when it's an international break. My TL is full of people slagging Giroud off in French. The rest of the time it's in English Just give Theo a run up top. He'll start scoring goals soon enough.
  11. **** me, you guys still name the thread after Senegal? When was the last time the old fart even posted on here?
  12. I dunno, no one has bothered updating his career on wiki since 2009... But I'm sure he's terrifying defences with his blistering pace.
  13. I'd take him in a heartbeat and hope he'd find his hunger at a new club. But he's one of the best players in the league when in form. We'd never pay 200k p/w though so it's moot.
  14. Wtf would you want to post that in here? No, he had a terrible Kebab last night. It's amazing that we've gone on such a good run and yet we still need to win our last two games. Shows how crap we were earlier in the season.
  15. If we win our last three games then we will get 4th unless Chelsea win at old Trafford and then Tottenham win at Stamford Bridge. That would mean we'd have won 12 out of our last 14 games though, with the other two being draws.
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