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  1. I give up about this skin... i hope we have a default white skin when SI release FM22
  2. This project is still under development??
  3. @michaeltmurrayukHey mate, in the White Skin, the penalty list names is white... how can i make it black, or any other color that make it possible to see the names clearly?
  4. Hello, im playing my SECOND season, and still didnt seen the End Season screen... some ppl around said that it shows up...dont know whats happening... can someone help? PS: the screen is similar to this one
  5. Hey bro, thanks for that!, lovely work, amazing effort! as im not a skinner, i cant help...but im here supporting every step of this work!! btw, what a BIG coincidence, the White skin is a bit complicated to make it work...and FM21 be released without white skin... hahaha that's makes sense now...
  6. still not full name here... any advice? cleaned cache, and still the same
  7. Woohooo, i can finally play withou headache and eye strain...once again, what a lovely work, and thanks for making this incomplete game, complete again... For sure fixes will come, as im sure that the FM community will help you to finish this amazing project!!
  8. WOW @WHUkain21WHAT A LOVELY WORK! Well done helping us to have what we should receive by Default Anyway, take your time, i appreciate your effort bro!
  9. Thanks for all your hard work... Because of you, now I'll be able to play finally! Im really happy!
  10. Well seems that we have some mistery this year... Seems that the light skin can REALLY break the game!! 😂😂 It's a development issue? Why nobody officially talks about it? Customers deserve some answer!
  11. Yeah, multiple people think like that... The fact that the SI couldn't even make a white skin (and why?) makes me really upset I've paid for that! That's an awful behaviour
  12. I think it's time to a hashtag... #WhereAreTheWhiteSkin #BringBackTheWhiteSkin
  13. Bro, thanks for that, i really appreciate your work here...but this definitely shouldn't be user's work, THE GAME SHOULD BE RELEASED LIKE THIS! That's the true!
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