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  1. Well, seems that nobody see my questions here...dunno why i just wanna know... Will FM19 bring more than just 2 display resolutions? why FM18 has only two resolutions?
  2. Lol, they can't even implement more than 2 monitor resolutions...i doubt the 19 version will be better though 😩
  3. 1 - Does the "new" FM logo, FM box retiring the man in suit...and all these "new" design things some kind of try to unlink the game from the poor and awful 18 version? Is it a new beginning? 2 - Will FM19 have more than 2 monitor resolutions?
  4. Will FM19 have more than two monitor resolutions? cos in FM18 this is awful!
  5. After 1 year...im back to this Forum with a smile in my face...seems that someone noticed that the 18 version wasn't a good version.. i just wanna ask for a game that the ball didnt gets BiG as a baloon imitating an arcade game (that was awful in 18 version) gradient colors?, please dont! that was a nightmare!! video resolutions? C'mon...of course there is something wrong there, every version has LOTS of resolutions according with our monitor and graphic board why FM18 didn't?... well, let's see...
  6. this years "fullscreen" seems fake, background softwares keep running above it, and i can clearly see my desktop...simply awful!
  7. Sincerely, that's so easy to notice... Will SI fix that?, Game isn't running in full screen, although the maximum resolution is selected... Can i force the game to run in full screen? That's hard to fix? The difference between FM17 which runs in full screen and FM18 which emulates full screen is so big... anyone can notice!
  8. That's exactly what I've been saying since the release, they did that thing this year... the game it's not running in real full screen, that's the issue, but i don't think that they will change it, game is done...maybe next year, unfortunately...
  9. Lol, I've laughed so loud at the street when I've read that haha
  10. jeff.fit82

    Increase text anti-alias

    why a higher resolution monitor isnt needed when im playing FM17???
  11. jeff.fit82

    Increase text anti-alias

    Maybe cos the resolutions problem, im having some problems with FM18 text... i cant read it well, can you tell me if its possible to increase the anti-alias? im using High quality in FM Video Settings, and Anti Alias is high... but text seems so serrated and blurry! can i fix that?
  12. Well, after the last patch, the game is so much better...well done guys! but, the in-game text isn't so smooth and Installed FM16, FM17 and i could read so well... although it seems that the game still isn't running in FULLSCREEN... can i sort it??
  13. Now is possible to see all the resolutions and choose in which resolution i want to play?
  14. Here we go! base18.rar
  15. jeff.fit82

    [FM17][SKIN] Football Manager 2017 Base Skins

    yeah, just replaced the fonts, and it seems ok...but the Social Media still with black font...something i can do to fix??