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  1. Well...seems lovely, but being realistic about SI and his "this year regen will be better" thing... i doubt they implement that, sadly
  2. It happens ALL THE TIME! Its already some kind of "cultural thing" in FM, it happens since FM 2008... i dont think they could fix it at all
  3. Hey guys, how can i add these faces to my current game?
  4. Ok, but there are LOTS of fontxml files... can you point us which one should we change to see the changes? PS: There are some way to make the mouse pointer smaller?
  5. dont, im using the only GPU i have...so, its all i have...
  6. Im using MacOS, there's no Power Saving Mode and there's only 1 graphic card installed
  7. None of that seems to work... Mostly of that are "Windows" related I have a MacOS bro
  8. Im having a problem here... the game shows 1 Star and blurry screens i have a compatible computer... MacOS Mojave Intel Core i7 - 2.9GHz Intel HD Graphics 620Gb 8Gb RAM 240Gb SSD but, WHY, im having a 1 Star and weak graphics? What can i do to fix it?
  9. it didnt solved... clean Cache, Logs, and Preference folders inside My User folder solved...
  10. i was having the Crash Dump at start... then, formatted my PC and installed again the 19.3.3 version...then, it worked fine now im having that slow processing issue! the game LAGS in every Menu and screen transition damn, it never ends!
  11. Unfortunaly, you'll have to do what i did...Format the PC, Install Windows again, Update it til the last Update 1809, then, Install FM again... it worked here, finally im playing again!
  12. For those still with issue, and using nVidia board, try the driver 399.31 its working fine here, after a Format process, and a clean Windows 1809 version installation! Cheers, and HEY, SI! You're horrible!
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