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  1. my game was running well and showing 5 Stars video quality, after the update it shows only 1 star! Please, help!
  2. exactly, the game isnt realistic with this latest update...unfortunaly...
  3. since the update, im getting bizarre game results as 7 x 6 / 8 x 6 / 7 x 5 is that basketball or football?
  4. jeff.fit82

    Game running slow and low fps

    GeForce 940MX 2GB RAM i can play FIFA so nicely and lots of HEAVY games with LOTS of 3D graphics and 3D scenes... so, they cant say its my graphic driver, cos isn't.
  5. jeff.fit82

    Frustrating striker problem.

    LOL....im suffering with that too, seems that the game really needs some adjusts
  6. jeff.fit82

    Game running slow and low fps

    man, we have the same problem...they will tell you to try Windows 10, then Windows 10 Plus, then Windows 11, then Windows 12 Plus... the problem isnt the Windows, the problem has to do with the graphic driver and the game, that's it
  7. jeff.fit82

    Garbage FPS during match

    im having this same problem since last year, and now...im having again! can you please make FM run like FM17 ran??
  8. jeff.fit82

    FM2019 Speed - Rendering Mode

    This is when FM started to change so much...sometimes to worst...
  9. jeff.fit82

    Game running slow and low fps

    i've been talking about that since FM18 mate, they seems that didn't know the problem... it started since they changed from REAL FULLSCREEN to borderless window mode, that's a wrong way... please, turn back to FULLSCREEN!
  10. jeff.fit82

    Game running slow and low fps

    WOW!!! @Jimmy Wong i did that that procedure and...seems that now i have FM again, its running fast, UI seems quite better and sharper! that's really an improvement! BTW, im not having any kind of FM running in background of other softwares and i can receive notifications apart from FM now... Congrats!
  11. jeff.fit82

    Game running slow and low fps

    OK, im downloading...but, BETA? Which BETA is that? the game was relased... why BETA again?
  12. jeff.fit82

    Game running slow and low fps

    in other Thread you told me to do the same... i did... and the game is still lagging and in UI and in 2D! can i install my Driver updater back?
  13. well, i really doubt the game is now in fullscreen, cos the game DIDN'T have Fullscreen anymore, there's a Maximised windowed mode, bordless...that emulates fullscreen...im having that issue since FM18 but i really give up, and i won't fight against something that isn't my fault... as you can see in these screenshots, the game runs "windowed", even if i set Fullscreen in Preferences Moderator @KUBI saying what i wrote here...clearly! Software installing over FM, clearly running windowed, as i cant change the focus of the software using ALT + TAB FM running in background as it works like a "window", not a software that use my fullscreen resolution any software, browser or notification cant be viewed without FM runs in background...its always like that...
  14. can you please tell me your monitor resolution? and which driver version did you installed?
  15. jeff.fit82

    Lag issues

    i knew you would say that...let's blame MS then! nice! EDIT: well, just checked the security updates mentioned, they're from Microsoft Office... would Security Updates from Office affect FM? should i uninstall Microsoft Office then? C'mon guys...