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  1. The ability to build academies in other countries would be an fantastic addition. The ability to bring in a 2nd youth intake in a foreign country is a feature i and think all would love to see
  2. Would it be possible to implement a player interaction when you are a National team manager to persuade a player to declare for your nation. For instance if i'm managing Scotland and theres an English player who qualifies for Scotland and hasn't been capped for England, there should be a option to try and convince him to play for Scotland, instead of just hoping he declares himself a certain nationality.
  3. Celtic reached the top of European football using only players born within 10 miles of Celtic park with only one exception to that statement. Can you lead YOUR team to the same heights? From the Lisbon lions Wiki 'The Lisbon Lions is the nickname given to the Celtic team that won the European Cup at the Estádio Nacional near Lisbon, Portugal on 25 May 1967, defeating Inter 2–1. All but one member of the 15 man squad were born within 10 miles of Celtic Park in Glasgow, Scotland (Bobby Lennox was born 30 miles away in Saltcoats).' This challenge is simple, 1- Get the postcode of your favourite teams stadium 2- Visit this link 'http://www.freemaptools.com/radius-from-uk-postcode.htm' 3- Input the postcode and select the radius of the circle to be 10 miles 4- Thats your catchment area Year one You must get rid of all the foreign players in the squad in the first year (you can keep all of the players whos nationality matches up with that of which your club is base, eg. Man U can keep all English players- For Years 1 and 2) Year three Every player in your squad must be born in your clubs catchment area, apart from the one exception who can be based anywhere within your country of choice. If you do take part, please post your progress and what your teams end up looking like once you bring in more "local talent" Cheers Rscfc97
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