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  1. Pre-arranged Transfer

    A medical takes place - also in real life - before a contract is signed. So if a future transfer is arranged by all parties signing the contract, there is nothing you can do if the player gets injured, nor on FM nor in real life.
  2. Well I have yet only played in Germany on FM 17 and there have only been two sackings by now. One was replaced by Luzhnyi, the other has still a caretaker manager (the speculated candidates however have all been foreign managers: Marcelino [spanish], Roberto Mancini and Mircea Lucescu [romanian]). I think one problem might be the high attributes especially for those eastern european managers in comparison to their salary demands. That makes them attractive targets for smaller clubs (just like it happens with eastern european players too), even though the language barrier would certainly prevent such an appointment in real life. Germany might be an extreme in real life, too, as they really rarely appoint foreign managers and rather appoint young upcoming german managers (like Nagelsmann at Hoffenheim, Nouri at Bremen etc.). So this might be hard to mirror on FM, unless you can really change these preferences for each single country (and not only through global changes). So anyway I would monitor the Bundesliga in your soak tests and I would certainly focus on the average or smaller teams due to the specific constellation I mentioned above.
  3. It seems like there are too many foreign managers appointed after a sack. While this is pretty common in England, it is far less common in other leagues, especially for non-premium teams. Language is a major factor in real life (rightly so), while it hardly plays a role on FM seemingly. I just saw Augsburg - a relegation candidate - appoint Luzhniyi (spelling?), an ucrainian manager. This would not happen in real life. If foreign managers get the job, it's usually because they have had a (playing) career in the country and speak the language very well. Ancelotti is the only manager in Germany that does not have any history with the country. The same is valid for other major nations like Italy (only De Boer at Inter) and Spain (with the exception of latin american managers due to the language). Could this be changed, e.g. by increasing the weight of language in the managerial appointing process?
  4. This game is rigged.

    I don't know if it was Einstein, but that quote of yours is of a hall of fame caliber, well done Sir!
  5. Could you show evidence like the analysis screen that shows what type of assists your goals were scored / you conceded through? Because if it's not 80%, it's as helpful as saying "there are a lot of variations from goals, everything is okay". In real life there are about 30% of all goals scored from crosses. In the game I am seeing 45-50%, which is still too many (and on the same level as FM 16, by the way...), but 80% is a different world. I can't see how this can even be such a discussed thing... there is an easy way to check and prove the exact number. If it's too high, it has to be fixed by SI for the sake of realism and above all game balance (fullbacks shouldn't be the most important players on every team). If it's not, then perfect. The same thing by the way as with the number of goals. It's a statistic. That's hard evidence, there's no room for interpretation or discussion.
  6. This is not really a place for discussion, but I thought the same. Last year was complete nonsense, as key passes were given away for nothing (especially to fullbacks). So it seems like they drastically reduced that to passes that produce chances (and nothing else). To be honest, as long as the match ratings are alright and the best passing players have more key passes than the rest, I'm okay with that. The absolute number doesn't matter, as long as it's relatively (literally) right. But there could be a bit more variation
  7. This is actually a research issue. Because regens are often as you described (too extreme IMO, you'll have that 16-year old with 17 finishing and 6 technique etc.)
  8. As the "first touch" attribute describes a player's ability to stop / control a ball, it shouldn't even matter in real tiki-taka. However, as there is no real tiki-taka in FM I would agree. Anyway, here's my top five: Passing Decisions Team work Composure Off the ball
  9. His attributes are not exactly right for it, but I'd think about giving him a role where he will close down A LOT. His acceleration and agility will be golden for this, he will leave opposition midfielders no time at all with the ball. Since his tackling and bravery aren't that good, I'd say rather box to box than ball winning midfielder, or (if it fits with the rest of your team) a roaming playmaker. Apart from his speed it's the decision attribute that stands out for me. So he should definitely get a role where he gets a lot of creative freedom and free roaming (B2B or roaming playmaker). His attributes ensure he will ALWAYS be at the right place at the right time. Could become your most important player
  10. Now that's an old thread... anyway in my experience it's the quantity of players you sign AND keep in the first team. As for a cutoff age, I'm pretty sure it is 24 (that is from 25 on they count as "non-young"). I can't check it right now as I don't have the philosophy on my team, but IIRC you can give players up to the age of 24 the squad status "youngster" and "hot prospect", which suggests that these players still count as young.
  11. Which is not satisfying and hopefully does change in future versions. You should get an advantage if you always play the same 11 players, of course you will also see a huge dip in cohesion if one of those players gets injured and you have to play one of the backup players. As much as rotating a lot will hurt your performance in a particular match but ensures that a lot of players can play together in case of injury or just because you need some tactical flexibility. It is one of the biggest philosophical questions in real life managing (e.g. Mourinho vs Guardiola) and should work likewise in FM.
  12. That's a really interesting thought. The decisions attribute could play a fundamental role here, as does the teamwork attribute I assume. The above mentioned experiment with Immobile, however, shows a rather average decison maker (9-13) still scoring a lot with a poor finishing attribute. Then bad decisions could also mean that they actually passed in a situation where a shot would have been the better choice, so I think what you have too look at for an experiment is a lethal striker with horrible decisions and horrible teamwork (that is: egoistic). He most probably will rather shoot than pass, so that's a good candidate to check how he's doing with a bad finishing and composure attribute.
  13. Well as we have seen the finishing attribute has only a small effect on the conversion rate, so its effects ARE scaled down, on purpose or not. It does eat up a lot of CA but has a neglectible effect on the conversion rate of a player. Every single attribute is scaled in some fashion: A player with 20 pace isn't going to run with the speed of light and a player with 1 pace is still faster than a turtle. A player with 1 passing is still going to make a couple of easy short passes. You need to scale down or say limit the effects within a certain range because otherwise you cannot have a working match engine. I'm certainly not blaming SI for that. But maybe this is too theoretical. I was just saying that certain limitations are to be expected and finishing seems to be one of these.
  14. No a minimum fee release clause has no impact on a player's performance (unless, of course, the clause provokes some clubs to show interest, which does have an effect on the player). I don't know if the team role does add pressure, I don't think so. It does however create problems as you will have one more key player than you were planning to have, meaning you will probably make some player unhappy (either him because he won't play as much as a regular key player or someone else who has to play less). Just like IRL. The only contract clause that - I THINK - has a DIRECT impact on player performance is the fee for scoring goals. My info might be outdated, but I think in earlier versions it did make players slightly more egoistic in front of the goal. But maybe that was another game, so don't take it for a fact.