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  1. When the AI put a player on the transfer list, and I try to loan him out, they start with demanding some sort of obligatory buy-clause after the loan / automatic buy after X matches. That seems reasonable, since they want to get rid of him. However, I can easily re-negotiate those demands, by just deleting those clauses. So I can re-negotiate every one of those players to a default loan without any buy clause WITHOUT OFFERING ANYTHING IN COUNTER. They don't even demand a higher loan fee or something like that, I just delete the clause, click "negotiate" and they accept. I can even also include an optional buy clause. I think with transfer listed players the AI should either insist on some sort of obligatory buy clause OR at least demand compensation through higher loan fee.
  2. I just plug and play the dynamic (fluid?) counter preset style with an 433 (4-1-2-2-1) and am not deluded. We dont create many shots, but we have enough counter opportunities to win a lot of games 1-0 or 2-1 or something. Pretty much EXACTLY what I expect from a defensively stable counter attacking tactic. Goals are from all varieties, by the way: 1on1s, second opportunity shots from outside the box, crosses, set pieces...
  3. Training rating also doesn't show up on the individual training screen, along with the already mentioned playing time and that other screen
  4. Full backs having much less assists is actually realistic (though not depicted well in the match engine). The numbers are spot on, so I'd rather not have this go back to the FM19 style of 15+ assists. Most assists IRL come from midfielders or inside forwards. Just like in game.
  5. I'm using the opt-in public beta. During a match, you can view a team's players' specific statistics ("statistics" -> "team X statistics"). You can choose offense, defense, set pieces, body language etc. However, since I opted into the public beta (on 12th november), several columns disappeared and the player order is alphabetical instead of by position (see the screenshot attached). The columns disappeared are "headers", "position", "shots", "errors" and probably some more.
  6. I've got that issue, too. Only 10% of my penalties are scored, no matter who takes them
  7. I surely wasn't going to end up buying it this year, but in the end I ended up buying it. I was just hoping that this is one of those extremely feature-wise underwhelming versions, where they just fixed a lot of stuff (esp. in the ME, last years was the worse in 10 years). And... they did! I'm having a lot of fun. There's just one thing that still isn't fixed: Three strikers up front are massively OP, still are. If it wasn't for the AI using it and overachieving like never before, I wouldn't mind... but this kind of ruins my Serie A game (Lazio's doing that narrow 433 in most games... and they average 30 shots a game...).
  8. Tactics with three strikers (like the 433 narrow) still break the match engine. I must add, that it's not me using this tactic (that would be easily avoidable), but the Lazio Roma team in Serie A (first season). They most often apply a narrow 433. The effect is, that Lazio won 8 out of 10 (that is not impossible), scored 3,5 goals per match (that is surely extreme) and above all averages about 30 shots per game (this is surely unrealistic), with their best being a 5-0 win with 43 shots to 1 (one). Most of the goals are scored by strikers. Since the AI (match engine AND tactics) is unable to adapt to three strikers - one is like almost uncovered - : Unless you fix it, please forbid the AI to ever use 3 striker formations - it ruins the experience. I upload several PKMs as attachment. ACF Fiorentina – SS Lazio Rom.pkm Brescia Calcio – SS Lazio Rom.pkm CFC Genua – SS Lazio Rom.pkm SS Lazio Rom – Atalanta Bergamo.pkm SS Lazio Rom – Hellas Verona.pkm SS Lazio Rom – US Sassuolo Calcio.pkm
  9. Just to mix in some facts into the long distance goal debate: In the season 2008/2009 across the major european leagues there have been 17% of all goals from outside the box. This includes free kicks. (I did not find recent stats, but I didn't google too hard either)
  10. A medical takes place - also in real life - before a contract is signed. So if a future transfer is arranged by all parties signing the contract, there is nothing you can do if the player gets injured, nor on FM nor in real life.
  11. I don't know if it was Einstein, but that quote of yours is of a hall of fame caliber, well done Sir!
  12. This is actually a research issue. Because regens are often as you described (too extreme IMO, you'll have that 16-year old with 17 finishing and 6 technique etc.)
  13. As the "first touch" attribute describes a player's ability to stop / control a ball, it shouldn't even matter in real tiki-taka. However, as there is no real tiki-taka in FM I would agree. Anyway, here's my top five: Passing Decisions Team work Composure Off the ball
  14. His attributes are not exactly right for it, but I'd think about giving him a role where he will close down A LOT. His acceleration and agility will be golden for this, he will leave opposition midfielders no time at all with the ball. Since his tackling and bravery aren't that good, I'd say rather box to box than ball winning midfielder, or (if it fits with the rest of your team) a roaming playmaker. Apart from his speed it's the decision attribute that stands out for me. So he should definitely get a role where he gets a lot of creative freedom and free roaming (B2B or roaming playmaker). His attributes ensure he will ALWAYS be at the right place at the right time. Could become your most important player
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