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  1. Hi! I have seen skins with the option to view a player awards list with the corresponding medal drawn next to it. All of this in the player profile screen. But now i can't find any skin with that option. Could anyone tell me how to add that box or refer to me which skins has it? Thanks in advance! Sorry about my English, working on it.
  2. Can you make all Regens to come from the club real country? I only get players from Supremés with english names.
  3. Can you both share your skins, Sirwill and wkdsoul? They are amazing. Nice job.
  4. Any news on your Skin, Sir?
  5. We will have to wait then. Thanks!
  6. When are you going to release it, Sirwill!?
  7. Amazing, Sirwill. I really like your player profile, a lot of work. Where can we download it? Thanks in advance, Sirwill!
  8. Hi! I have a problem, instant button pop up result windows dont have background or opacity. How can i fix it?
  9. Well. This looks like an amazing game, friend. ¡Thanks a lot for the hard work!
  10. Wow! Best skin for FM15 so far, and i have tried all. Thanks, mate.
  11. Absolutely fantastic. I will let you know if i spot any issue. Thanks, man!
  12. You should use coloured attributes background, like Ivan Skin. That would be awesome.
  13. Amazing work! Thanks. Just one petition, can you change players profile attributes numbers to match FMC style!? Thanks again.
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