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  1. i am currently managing FC Vaudz in Switzerland but also managing liechtenstein National team , one of the players on my vaduz team has just gained liecht nationality but for some reason i cannot ask him to represent the national team but i can with every other player that is not on my team and has just gained nationality
  2. im having the same problem too , the game has crashes 3 times in the last 24 hours
  3. so i started a low league save as Edinburgh city but for some reason they do not have an under 20's squad just the main squaddoes anyone know if i will get one when we turn professional or when we get go up the leagues or am i just going to not have an academy and have to wait for the editor to change the team ??
  4. I fixed it dont worry , just deleted all my skins
  5. after the update i cant get to the menu because after it loads when the menu is supposed to show its just a black screen
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