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  1. i have taken off the skin and re installed my graphics driver , i will update you if i experience another crash
  2. hello , i have an NVIDIA 2080 ti card and i have had this crash a handful of time the past couple months i am using a skin so that might cause the crashes i assume. thank you FM 2020 v20.4.0.1356331 (2020.03.24 16.32.09).dmp GPU_info v20.4.0.1356331 (2020.03.24 16.32.09).gpudmp
  3. its just going to be an annoying , i know the game needs to be realistic but also there should be room to do some slightly bizarre things , thats what makes it fun , i remember in FM12 signing 2-3 players from Reunion that did really well for me and helped the Welsh league and my club reputation develop.
  4. So month or so into the season this came up after brexit , its going to be really hard to sign non UK players in the welsh league now , anyone know how to remove this for a future save ?? The highest paid player in the welsh league is on £850 per week.
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