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  1. Has anyone been able to remove the 'Sign English Players' request from the board as a vision promise? I've been struggling with it and the board are sulking over it, there aren't enough high quality English players to satisfy the request for me in 2025. Do you compromise on talent/quality and just sign token English players for the bench or to develop in the reserves?
  2. Just sold Winks for 20m to Dortmund because he didn't really fit into my system and I have some incredibly strong options in Midfield so he wasn't really getting any games. The second he leaves, he is now considered a 'World-class Midfielder' which seems extremely generous... Has anyone turned Dermi Lusala from the U18's into anything decent? Coaches seem to rate him, so I've given him afew cup appearances, performances have been good but development is slow. Lloris is gone now as well, OL came in with an offer of 37m which is mad for a 34 year old so am replacing him with Donn
  3. Just finished first season, ended up with a cracking finish to the league where I staggered over the line to win with 85 points, with Liverpool on 84, Man Utd on 80 and Man City on 77. Also won the Champions League final beating Chelsea 2-2 on penalties, with a surprising double from Ndombele! I wasn't expecting either as I did a heavy rebuild to the team and invested in youth, using a 3-2-3-2 Board aren't over the moon about me not signing English talent, next season will focus on that in DMC/MC and maybe upgrade Lloris to Donnarumma On the fence about getting Lo Celso ful
  4. Decent season so far, hopefully I can keep it going. SI Games caught me with their April Fools joke...
  5. End of Season 2 I managed to win the premier league just short of 100 points and devastatingly lost in the CL Semis to a very average Valencia side. GK: Lloris / Donnarumma DL: Tierney / Miranda DC: Rugani / Foyth DC: De Ligt / Sanchez DR: Tripper / Aarons DMC: Dier / Tonali MC: Eriksen / Alli ML: Son / Sergio Gomez MR: Felix / KWP ST: Kane / Lincoln ST: Pellegri / Parrott Squad Players : Plizaari (GK), Milenkovic (CB), Rose (DL/ML), Skipp (DM), Morilla (ML), Samardzic (MC), Silva (ST) --- Trippier averaged around 7.8 f
  6. Playing my first game after the January update, I've used TTF's Gladiator tactic to win the Champions League in the first season and lose by 1 point to Arsenal in the Premier League (absolute nightmare) the primary first squad was:- GK - Lloris DL - Davies DC - Vertonghen/Alderweirald DR - Trippier DMC - Dier MC - Eriksen ML - Pelayo Murillo MR - Lamela ST - Kane/Son Biggest challenges for the season were a lack of cover on the wings and upfront. I eventually promoted Parrott/Jannsen who did a decent job, with Kyle-Walkers Peters filling in for
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