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  1. Might be being stupid...but any idea why the Tactical Analysis button is greyed out and can't be clicked as shown in the screenshot? Could have sworn I used it when creating the tactic.
  2. Fixed it - it was my antivirus for some unknown reason
  3. I recently updated the game to the latest version and now the logos and kit icons aren't displaying (blank where they should be) - I re-installed the game and deleted the graphics folder and now the default logos display which is fine. I then re downloaded a graphics pack and extracted to the newly created graphics folder I just set up and I have the same problem,the logos just don't display? Any idea? I've followed a step by step guide on how to install custom logos and kits to FM so I know I have saved them in the right location (they were working fine until i updated.) The only other thing i can think I did this week was run CC cleaner but I don't think that would effect anything. Any help would be much appreciated!!
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