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  1. Summary: Players don't get winner's medals MLS Description of Issue: MLS players don't get any winners medals from winning the MLS Cup or the Supporters Shield. Has happened in every playthrough. Steps to Reproduce: Sim or Play through a whole year. Check player milestones of players from team that wins MLS Cup and/or Supporter's shield. You can check my this save as I have MLS Active during my whole playthrough even if I'm not managing in the league. Uploaded on ownCloud, game version is 12.4 but happens for all versions regardless. File name is Ced Seredrica - Brentford.
  2. The bug regarding players not getting their winners medals for winning MLS Cup still persists. Any news of a fix for this?
  3. Also have the same problem, kind of ruins the experience if your players aren't getting their winners medals. I've always played an MLS save since FM13 and the experience still isn't worth sticking with a team for more than 3 years. At year 2 you'd be dominating the league as all the AI managers have squads with 15 players or less.
  4. 1. Is there a way to edit a certain club's foreign transfer policy? Like for example I make a save in the Philippines and my club only wants to get Japanese foreign players. 2. Is there a way to edit the 3+1 foreigner rule in Asia when making a new competition. For example I would like to limit my clubs to have 3 foreigners +1 foreigner from Asia. Would appreciate all the help.
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