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  1. Strange. Once he is released you’ll be able to take him on a trial till contract starts and he can play in u23 and u18 games
  2. I think it sets the proper weather too. I created a Leicestershire database and have many teams that are in Leicester but don’t have that as part of their name. In total I used and created about 15 different towns
  3. On my game the screenshot you uploaded in the middle column you can change it to info, where it has the score and scorers, second half you get the attendance and away attendance. Also if you go to schedule where your fixtures are, click somwhere on the game you want to check but keep it on that screen so don’t click the score or team name and the info should be listed there too,
  4. How old is the player? If you go to the player and click transfer you get the option of paying the club to release him early or take him on trial till contract starts for unattached players
  5. Did you sign him outside of the transfer window? You can select on the editor tab to register all players I think. I have never used the function so no idea if it works
  6. Have you tried going into advanced rules and testing the game? I had this issue with a created nation and it worked after I did that
  7. I think the Champions League over rides the Premier League so in theory if a CL game was delayed to be played for example on a Friday the Saturday Premier League game would have to be moved rather than the Champions League game being moved. I doubt it’s needed in the game for most countries
  8. You can move yourself to any club at any time as well as move staff and players. If you move a player he does have a press conference if you choose to attend it. Same with management you go into the meeting with the chairman/owner
  9. Does anyone have a list of teams who start the season with a points deficit like Bolton? Any leagues in the game
  10. It’s the 🖊 tab. Whe you start a save you can select it to not be able to be used so that could be an issue if you are in a save already
  11. Editors hideaway will have what you want. What countries are you looking to play with?
  12. Shares or no shares publicly. Public companies can have shareholders from anyone. Privately owned I would assume the people have shares but no more can be bought or sold. I think
  13. Go to the competition and click follow. They will come up in your Social Feed in your inbox screen. It doesn’t work the way it used to unfortunately
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