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  1. Hello. Is there any chance that this option could be implemented in future version of the game? It's really inconsistent for just a bunch of real players having their profile photos in game and majority of them not having it. I'm sure a lot of players play long-term saves where footballers become managers or are just older and still have their profile photo from years when they were 17 or 18. This leads to situation when they are, for example, 50 y/o and have their face look like it did when they were in their teens which just looks ridicolous. You can easily mod your game for everyone to have their faces but have completely no option to get rid of them. We also have the option to remove generated players profile photos, but no option to remove the existing ones. I've been waiting for this option from the moment I started playing FM and every year I'm left disappointed when I see that this feature still haven't been implemented.
  2. Hello guys. So I've been playing FM for a while now, probably since 2k10 and I've always been choosing teams from four strongest leagues and had many successes with them. After building strongest team Valencia ever had I decided to begin a journeyman save starting in the lower league of my country - Polish second division. And for now I'm stuck in the same place I'm always stuck when I begin this kind of save. I can't build a tactic for lower league. I've read a few articles and always read tips and hints for pepole who were asking the same question, but I feel like every case is different. The team I chose is GKS Tychy which is being predicted to finish 11th so they have a pretty bad team. I've learnt not to use many team instructions because players are so bad they probably won't be able to follow them, but I also have problems with setting up my tactic. I chose 4-4-1-1 because It's the one which suits my players the best. But I have problems with individual roles and individual instructions. Here it is: http://imgur.com/a/nfsnT My biggest problem is how to assemble midfield and role for a striker. My best player is Grzeszczyk whose best role is AP(At) so I've decided to build a team around him. BWM usually have biggest rating amongst three of my midfielders and I have no idea who should I pair with him. Also playing a lone striker I have a problem with instructions for him. Should he be DLF or AF? One more problem is that it's the first time I'm using two LD's and they've been struggling so far, but they're too bad to be CD's. Is there anyone who would be willing to help me out? Also do you have any experience and more tips you could share with me?
  3. Hello. I recently bought FM2015 and althought I like it very much I would like to change one league, but I don't know how to use editor at all. The said league is Polish Ekstraklasa which now contains only 16 teams and has very strange league format. Citing from Wikipedia: I absolutely hate this format and would love to change it to Bundesliga-like. 18 teams with longer winter break, 2 relegation spot, no play-offs, just standard type and one national Cup (in this case it's fine how it is now). Is there anyone who would help me with this issue and explain step-by-step how to change league rules? I tried to do it myself, but I'm getting completely lost in this editor.
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