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  1. When I play with the default purple skin the background is somehow broken. This happens with every menu. When I swich the skin to the Dark one then the Background seems to work fine.
  2. Hi, I noticed in the Editor that Tony Khan is the Director of Sport so theoretically he could be sacked which would make no sense because he is the Co-Owner of Fulham. Or is he somehow save not to be sacked?
  3. Hey is there any chance someone talented with the Editor would create the (maybe) new FIFA Club World Cup? Plans are in 2021 the current Club World Cup and the Confed Cup get removed and replaced by the new FIFA Club World Cup. Here is a link with more information: https://www.sport-english.com/en/news/everything-you-need-to-know-about-fifas-new-club-world-cup-6819749 Cheers ^^
  4. If I remember corretly, the Chairman has no profile for some reason.
  5. It's rather simpel I would like to have a Database DLC i.e. from the Season 04/05 Instead of using the current FM19 Database you just use the old one, so one could enjoy the current version of the game with all its new features instead of buying FM 05
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