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  1. popping this in general discussion.
  2. Window to window loans can only be recalled during open transfer windows. Gonna move this to GQ forum, and hopefully it will be answered there better as its not a data issue. (thup)
  3. Just a couple of points for the OP, Fleming isnt U16 coach Jenks is. Also Downie has left the club as well. great thread as usual.
  4. What about some new suggestions? Try using the wishlist thread where forum users have posted their ideas. Southgate has been at Boro for 2 seasons, only one member of the team that won the Carling Cup in 2004 is still here and he was a young sub, teams turn around especially smaller ones and more so when new managers arrive. Dont see the problem.
  5. Im lazy im the first to admit it so if you think im trawling through 27 pages to see if my idea's come up before forget it. So...may only be me, may not be. Ive had a player for 10 years, (ive had many players for long times im using one as an example) he is going to retire in the summer. Its the last home game of the season and i always play him as a send off too him in front of the home fans, or the cup final i make room for him on the bench to give him a last hurrah. Now, my idea would be along the lines of a media thing saying its his final game at the club blah blah blah, how many games he has played goals scored etc etc. Will you be playing him? Will he be on the bench? Are you not a sentimental person? etc etc Maybe a slightly larger crowd to take this into account especially if he has been at the club donkeys years and if a club fave. Then after the game another media thingmy maybe along the lines of answering, he has been a great player for the club! or something. Idea came to me in a drunken state so maybe its a crap idea. I like it anyway.
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