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  1. Because the first few patches are not database patches that comes out in Feb after the transfer window closes.
  2. which assist attribute is that exactly?
  3. 'come on, sort it out.....' You have a chance to put forward a proper opinion backed by evidence like the opening post asks, and you dont, yet you want your opinion to be heard? These forums are not about that.
  4. Nothing will change then in that case, if there were examples of posts that were made last year that were not implemented plus this years stuff (and i mean hard data, not subjective attribute changes) then least pressure if needed could be applied and changed could be made like in the Argentinian team and Portuguese one.
  5. Which players specifically? you should know the blanket 'players need updating improving' will not go down well with anyone on the forums.
  6. He has played once in a friendly, but has said he wouldnt play for them again, and if its only a friendly im not 100% but he may be eligible to switch nations still?
  7. Can you share in detail what you are on about?
  8. You can post them here and the researcher will see them and can decide to add them or not.
  9. He is actually a director of fitness, and a Doctor. So he really doesnt fit in overly well as a physio.
  10. He will not be in the game until FM17. Please check the Frequently asked questions sticky in the forum and it explains why.
  11. I will have a look at ways to solve this.
  12. Duplicate of whats in Spain thread - Closed.
  13. Is it set at 5 or is it random?
  14. Can you provide the statistical backing to prove that Coquelin wins 9/10 tackles, because ive just been looking and no where has that statistic. Additionally saying play x has this and this isnt always the best argument, they may be over rated? Stating that a player will be as good if not surpass Daniel Alves is not a statement of fact, its your opinion which you are very entitled to. But if you feel he needs to be increased you need to give some reasoning, Alves is believed by many to be one of the best full backs of his generation at his peak. a PA of 160 is a massive potential for a player who has played less than 50 first team games. Regarding Jeff Reine-Adelaide, you dont give any reason to have a massive PA. Why should your opinion be listened to? Because you claim to be a championship manager veteran and a ex footballer? It doesnt work like that. 150 is a very good player in game, so saying BUT he only has a 150PA doesnt really count as a data issue. Has he played a first team game? Making claims saying arsenal fans will agree with you isnt some sort of evidence for improvements. Especially those who go week in week out, how can they agree with you on a player they wont have seen play a first team minute?
  15. What reasoning do you have though to support your opinion? Smalling has been very good for a year now isnt about potential its about current ability.