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  1. popping this in general discussion.
  2. Window to window loans can only be recalled during open transfer windows. Gonna move this to GQ forum, and hopefully it will be answered there better as its not a data issue. (thup)
  3. #Like he was against Italy before pulling up lame after 70 minutes.....oh you are a jester!
  4. If chelsea has a penaly in normal play who would get it first Drogba or cole?
  5. Pique had never took one before yet went before Cesc, Ramos also isnt a great penalty taker and went before Cesc. For England you had Ashley Cole going before players like Carroll and Walcott. For Chelsea before Drogba you had Cole and David Luiz, who are known to be top penalty takers? SHUT UP.
  6. In the Pirlo role or Gerrad role anothe role?
  7. So he chose to allow two defenders to take it before him? Clearly he has the shame size ego as Ronaldo.
  8. hey dont let the truth effect peoples opinions, they have said they have seen him take penalties before and he is ace at them.
  9. Last night twitter went mad, people slating Ronaldo after Portugal had lost the penalty shoot out, comments regarding Ronaldo and his *ego were common all because he was the 5th penalty taker for Portugal and the game was over without him getting change to take his kick. *He is a shirker for allowing 2 defenders to step up who supposedly didnt want to be there and wanted the glory for himself. *Pique and Ramos taking kicks for Spain before Fabregas and two other attacking players in Navas and Pedro was because Ramos missed one and clearly wanted to make amends and Pique has taken them before and he is amazing at them. What is your thoughts on this by the way? *not my thoughts
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