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  1. Edit Staff coaching technique?

    It's not random, but it can't be edited with the official editor. It seems to be a bug in the editor, where it can't read or write to the Coaching Technical field in the database. There do seem to be values for the stat in the database, because it's stable for some staff, even though the value you see in the editor is always 0. So, for example, Daniele Baldini always starts out with a 20 for that stat in the game, but 0 in the editor. You can put a different number in for it in the editor, but it doesn't have any effect on what the database has--and the staff still get the original attribute in the game. So if I change Baldini's coaching technical stat to 10 in the editor, he's still going to have a 20 when I start a game from my modified database. If you want to change the stat or make sure it's a certain level, a game editor (e.g. FMRTE) is your only option.